Hits and mists

Quench the skin in this hot weather with face mists that not only refreshes the complexion, but also protects it

April has been an unbearably hot month, with Singapore recording its highest temperature of 36.7 deg C in a decade. May does not look set to be different.

This is when face mists come in handy as they are portable and help to cool flushed, sweaty skin quicklywithout messing up make- up.

Face mists have been on the market for years, but they were previously mostly watery sprays that did not go beyond refreshing or, at best, moisturising your skin.

The latest crop of formulas now comes with more skincare benefits, such as protecting your complexion from environmental damage and reducing redness.

1. Hydra Beauty Essence Mist, $112, from Chanel, available at Chanel counters


To perk up dull, tired skin, this uses vitamins C and E. It also helps to maintain moisture and give your complexion an instant radiance.

A special ingredient - Blue Ginger PFA - is said to boost the skin's self-defence system too. The bonus: a fresh, subtle fruity scent.

2. Micro Essence Aquaceutical Mist, $104, from Estee Lauder, available at Estee Lauder Boutique in Ion Orchard and Estee Lauder counters from next month

A change in climate within the day - you work indoors in an air- conditioned environment, then head out into the sun for lunch - can cause your skin to become easily stressed, irritated and dry. This mist reportedly soothes and hydrates it.

The "micro" in its name refers to the super-tiny droplets dispensed from the specially designed pump. These droplets are said to make skin feel less damp after application so make-up will not smudge.

3. Desert Mist, $48, from Arcona, available at Sephora stores

A spritz of this is said to form a veil on your face and protect it against the damaging effects of exposure to pollution, chemicals and free radicals. The mist also claims to repair and strengthen collagen and elastin in dry, ageing skin.

4. Mid-Day Miracle Essence (photo 4) and Mid-Night Miracle Essence, $89 each, from SK-II, available at SK-II counters

Think of these as the Japanese brand's famous Pitera-packed SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, but in the form of handy sprays. There are two formulas (sold separately) as the brand discovered that skin hydration levels can differ from morning to night. The day and night mists are said to lock moisture in skin. The Mid-Night Miracle Essence also has a cooling agent to soothe skin.

5. Eau Thermale, from $6 for 50ml, from Vichy, available at Vichy counters

The water used here has 15 minerals which do their part in strengthening skin, rebalancing its pH levels and relieving redness.

Spray this whenever the skin feels chapped or irritated.

6. Vitamin E Hydrating Face Mist, $20.90, from The Body Shop, available at The Body Shop stores

This one is big on the antioxidant vitamin E, which has been reported to defend skin from the sun, pollution and smoke. Plus, the product has liposomes and lecithin, both believed to help skin absorb the benefits of vitamin E more quickly. The delicate rosewater scent also helps to relax the senses.

7. Ibuki Quick Fix Mist, $45, from Shiseido, available at Shiseido counters

Unlike most water-based formulas, this is a gel that dispenses as a mist. It feels like a jelly-like veil on the skin, quenching parched skin and reducing shine throughout the day.

Ingredients in it include hydrating marjoram extract, sebum-absorbing polymers and the Phyto Target Complex, which protects and strengthens the skin's topmost layer.

8. Water Science Mist Water Bank, $27, from Laneige, available at Laneige counters

When South Korean brand Laneige launched its line of face mists in January, it introduced seven of them at a go.

The most popular ones include the Water Science Mist Water Bank. Meant for all skin types, it uses an ingredient said to activate the skin's natural ability to generate and retain moisture.

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