How to pull off the latest hair trend, a centre parting

Model Karlie Kloss sports a centre parting in her hair at the premiere of the documentary, Serena, in New York City last month.
Model Karlie Kloss sports a centre parting in her hair at the premiere of the documentary, Serena, in New York City last month. PHOTOS: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, OUAI, L'OREAL, KERASTASE

When done right, a centre parting can frame the cheeks and help slim the face visually

How do I pull off a centre parting?

The style has been seen of late on celebrities such as fashion models Gigi Hadid and Karlie Kloss, American actress Elizabeth Olsen and reality star Kim Kardashian.

Hair stylist Jack Kong, 42, image director at hair salon Urbanhair by Ginrich, says the symmetrical look helps to slim down the face visually by framing the cheeks. It can also look both feminine and bold.

Here are some tips on how to pull it off:


You want to part your hair slightly off-centre - about 0.5cm - towards your smaller eye. Most people have an eye that is a little smaller than the other and having the parting slightly closer to that eye will help to balance the face visually.


For a more casual look, the parting can start at the centre but veer towards the side as it reaches the back of the crown. This will give a softer, more feminine look.


Another way to soften the look is to create a slightly uneven parting rather than having a straight line down the middle of the head. Use your fingers to roughly part the hair. The uneven parting will look less harsh.


For those with rounder faces, a sleek and straight hairstyle in a centre parting could make the face look broader. To counter this, volume should be added to the hair. This can be done with waves and curls or by layering the hair so that it is not too flat.

A shorter hairstyle with a centre parting could also make the face look wider. Hair should preferably extend below the jaw line. You could also use a product such as a textured spray to add volume.


For those with square faces, the parting should not go too far towards the back of the crown. This will accentuate the sharp angles of the face. End the parting about midway towards the back of the head.


Long hair in a centre parting complements a heart- shaped face, which is widest at the cheeks. The hair should be kept soft and loose, with the lower layers cut as close to your jaw line as possible to frame and balance the face.


1. Haircare Wave Spray, $39, from Ouai from Sephora

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3. Serum Jeunesse, $110, from Kerastase from Kerastase salons

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