Gifts to celebrate Mother’s Day, each one joined by love

The Pandora Joined By Love Collection celebrates the special and lasting bonds of kinship. PHOTO: PANDORA
The Pandora Joined By Love Collection celebrates the special and lasting bonds of kinship. PHOTO: PANDORA

Make this day one to remember by commemorating love and lasting bonds

May heralds in a season of love and kinship, one that inspires daughters and sons to go on a search for the perfect gift to convey their appreciation for their mother. While Mother’s Day is certainly a time to celebrate our mothers, it is also a season to applaud other forms of loving familial relationships that make a difference to our lives.

This Mother’s Day, find out how Pandora’s range of jewellery gifts recalls, captures and celebrates love.

To celebrate your mother

Remember the time when you were young and stumbling through life? You took your first step, had your falls and made mistakes? Remember how your mother was always by your side, always welcoming with open arms, always ready to tend to your wounds? No matter how old she is, no matter how old you are, she remains — always and forever — your greatest protector and supporter.

To celebrate the shared bond between both of you, why not consider the Joined By Love Collection? This collection features knotted heart designs with delicate pieces such as the Knotted Hearts Sterling Silver Necklace and Bracelet (T-bar). The T-bar necklace offers various ways of customising the piece by moving the T-bar into different loops to adjust the length and arrangement, creating multiple looks with one piece.

The Joined By Love Collection features knotted heart designs, a symbolic reminder of a timeless connection. PHOTO: PANDORA

Or perhaps gift your mother the limited-edition Sterling Silver Mother’s Day Bangle — and the accompanying knotted heart charm — to celebrate the uniqueness of your relationship. The act of fastening the round clasp, which comes with clear stones in a polka-dot pattern and a draped chain detail, will remind her of your growing up years — a time when you used to grab her hands and cling to her every day.

With these classy and versatile pieces, your mother will be reminded of the timeless connection between both of you every time she glances at them.

To celebrate the other stars in your life

Remember the times when your grandparents ferried you to and fro between home and kindergarten? Or the nights spent with your sister listening to her advice as you poured your heart out over relationship problems? Or the days when you needed some quiet time with only your playful puppy by your side? Or that afternoon when your father’s guidance led you through a particular difficult time?

Through the years, there are countless stories of unconditional love, support and affection, which are equally worth celebrating this season. From the Family Stories Collection are sterling silver charms that will commemorate these cherished tales, adding a personalised touch to each charm bracelet or necklace.

The Family Stories Collection offers endless personalisation options for the perfect gift. PHOTO: PANDORA

Perhaps the colourful Propeller Hat Boy charm reminds you of fun outings in the sun with dad and mum when you were young? Does the little handbag on the Elderly Woman charm make you think of the many toys from your grandmother? What about the adorable pet characters (a bull terrier, a Labrador, a bulldog and cat) with distinctive dangling collars? Do you still remember the first time you fastened a collar to your pet and welcomed it into your family?

With these array of charms, you’ll be able to put together a personalised family portrait that captures the tender moments you’ve encountered in your life.

To celebrate the ties that bind

Remember the time when your family welcomed a new member, either through marriage or birth? These events are exciting and unforgettable — a moment that marks the expansion of your family tree, growing stronger and more vibrant with each new addition.

Celebrate the legacies of familial and generational ties. The Tree of Life Sterling Silver Ring and Sterling Silver Bangle and Dangle Gift Set with charms from the Family Stories Collection. PHOTO: PANDORA

The Tree of Life Collection features sterling silver medallion jewellery pieces with a flourishing tree at the centre. It is a powerful symbol of connections spanning across generations, diverse yet unified, rooted and strong.

The designs are beautiful and timeless, a reminder of the ties that bind. Whether it’s the Tree of Life Sterling Silver Earrings, Necklace, Bracelet, Ring or Bangle and Dangle Gift Set, each item holds symbolic meaning for women across generations. Imagine gifting one of these items to a member of your family as a memento of the connection between both of you. Or how about passing this piece down to a new member of the family as a welcome gift symbolising unspoken love and acceptance?

It’s more than a celebration of motherhood. It’s a celebration of the beautiful ways that a family tree can blossom.

To celebrate you

During this season of love and family, celebrate the role you play in making loving and lasting connections. Celebrate you, and all the memories you’ve made with the people you love. Eternalise them with pieces imbued with symbolic significance and sentiment.

Each item in the collection can be combined with other designs, creating meaningful and beautiful stories that will remind you of the beautiful tapestry of love you and your loved ones have woven, no matter where you are.

To purchase the Mother’s Day 2019 Collection, visit Pandora stores islandwide or shop online.