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Fuss-free make-up, please

Ms Taylor Frankel, one of the founders of Nudestix, has put her university education on hold to run the Canadian cosmetics label

Ms Taylor Frankel

Her fuss-free make-up routine and natural looks are what launched the successful and growing cosmetic brand Nudestix.

In 2014, Ms Taylor Frankel's mother, Jenny Frankel, saw how her then 18-year-old daughter put on make-up - sticking to simple concealer and mascara with none of the clutter of multiple brushes and compacts - and was inspired.

A cosmetics label that catered to her easygoing and busy daughters - Taylor and 17-year-old Ally - just did not exist.

The former M.A.C. product developer and co-founder of make-up label Cover FX then started brainstorming ideas with her daughters.

The three decided that their product should make the make-up routine quick and simple and involve natural colours instead of multi-coloured palettes. Thus, Nudestix - pencil make-up that is easy-to-wear and available in a wide range of neutral shades - was born.

"One of the reasons Nudestix was created was because we wanted make-up for that girl who wants something easy, effortless and fast," says the 20-year-old Taylor Frankel, the label's chief inspiration officer. She was in Singapore to promote the brand last week.


She was in her last year of high school in Toronto, Canada, when Nudestix was founded.

"When I was about 17, I actually did a bit of modelling and they would put so much make-up on my face. But when I got home, I would take it all off and wouldn't want to wear such heavy make-up."

An eyeshadow pencil and a lip-and-cheek pencil from the brand both cost $37. The label is available in the United States, Malaysia, Australia and Canada. It is available through Sephora.

Ms Frankel has been the face for the label since its conception. She started working part-time for Nudestix in 2014 and continued doing so even after she went on to study commerce at Ryerson University.

At the end of her first year there, she realised that she could no longer study and work at the same time, so she put her studies on hold.

The bachelorette is now working for Nudestix full time and is involved in the brand's product development, marketing content development and global promotion. She also drives its social media campaigns.

"My mind basically thinks up creative content for Nudestix. I'm always thinking about what the next pictures for the brand should look like, what is the next inspirational message," she says.

The cheerful young Canadian says she spends nearly a quarter of her day on social media platform Snapchat alone viewing content from other beauty labels, magazines and beauty bloggers.


  • I was not planning on buying this Fendi bag, but one of the business managers whom we work with - who is based in Los Angeles - convinced me that I needed it.

    He said, "You're a professional now, you need this bag."

    But I am glad I got it because it is a classic black heavy-duty bag. It is big enough to carry all the things I need, but not too big that it weighs me down. It was a good investment because it will last me at least the next 10 years.

"I need to know what is going on every day in beauty. What are people talking about? And that changes the way we talk about content on our own platforms," she says.

Though Ms Frankel says she could still pursue further education in the future, she adds: "Right now, I see myself enjoying the journey while I can."

The friendly and bubbly woman says her work at Nudestix allows her to travel, meet new people and learn about the beauty industry first-hand. "I'm learning and growing so much. There are so many opportunities and it is what I love to do. I think that even if I were to finish my university programme - at the end of it, I could only aspire to be where I already am."

This carpe diem attitude to life has also inspired her new year's resolution: To be less hard on herself.

"I want to enjoy the journey and not worry about what other people might think of my situation because everyone has his own path."

Things in her bag


I bought this from a small store in Singapore called Lyn for $30. It is the perfect wallet because all my cards can fit in it and it can also hold my passport.


I think these were trending in the 1980s, but they are coming back now. I love the retro look and the simple yet classic gold frames and black lenses. They match everything.


The Nudestix packaging - slim black tins that have mirrors - was inspired by the Altoids mint tins. I love how they are slightly vintage and look a bit artisan.


This was launched this month. It feels lightweight like a liquid lipstick, but it is a pencil which makes it easier to apply. It creates a great matt lip which is on trend.


This is always with me. It has a picture of my best friend, Jade, from Canada and me. A lot of my work revolves around social media.


These came with my phone. I use them for music and I also watch lots of videos on the go.


These are a key item when I travel, especially after a long flight that really dries out your skin. A lot of bacteria can collect on your skin when you travel as well. So I like to use these to clean my face.

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