Foreo UFO


Price: $408, mask packs range from $15.90 to $29.90 for packs of six or seven masks

Available at: Tangs at Tangs Plaza, Sephora outlets and online at, and The Foreo UFO is not a typical face mask.

While it might seem unnecessary at first to complicate the classic sheet mask with an electronic device and a mobile app, I must say that using the UFO was more convenient than I expected.

After downloading the app, I had to pick a mask, use my mobile phone to scan a bar code on the back of the mask's packet and a soothing voice from the app guided me through the 90-second routine.

The handheld device comes with a removable plastic ring, which can be used to clip the mask into place.

As I have dry skin, I used a hydrating mask infused with hyaluronic acid and red algae extract most of the time.

Foreo has seven types of masks, including a pearl-infused brightening one, a hydrating one and a charcoal-infused purifying one.

Once I pressed start on the mobile app, a voice instructed me to glide the UFO in a circular motion on my face and apply the liquid from the mask evenly on the skin.


A gentle warmth radiated from the surface of the device, which the label says helps to open up pores. The warm sensation felt especially soothing in the morning.

Then, the T-Sonic pulsations began and it felt like a pleasant face massage. The shape of the device, however, made it a bit difficult to glide over the sides of my nose.

The routine ended with a green-light treatment and a cooling effect, which the app says will help to brighten and firm skin.

The whole routine left my skin refreshed, cool and hydrated. Once I was done, I removed the sheet mask, rinsed the device under running water and left it to dry.

Everything took less than five minutes and it was an easy addition to my morning routine.

For those who like sheet masks that come with ample liquid, the Foreo UFO masks come with a generous amount.

There is enough in the packet, so much so that after using the mask once, you can pour out more liquid onto the same sheet and go through the routine again.

A downside is that you cannot use the device with sheet masks from other brands and will have to continue buying the masks from Foreo.

Made with medical-grade silicone, the device is 100 per cent waterproof.

The device comes with a USB charger and takes about 1½ hours to fully charge for about 40 uses.

After two weeks of using the UFO, I felt that my skin had improved slightly. It was less patchy in the mornings and felt more moisturised.

Melissa Heng

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