Flamboyant blogger

Bryanboy's candid opinions and colourful personality have made him a name both online and in the world of high fashion

Fashion blogger and social media star Bryanboy, whose real name is Bryan Grey Yambao, loves fashion and shopping so much that he spends his own money on designer brands even when the labels send him clothes.

The 34-year-old Filipino, who is based in New York and married to a Swedish commercial banker, was in Singapore last week for the official opening of the new Casa Loewe store at Paragon.

Yambao says he is a digital ambassador for the Spanish high fashion brand Loewe and luxury brands such as Italian labels Valentino and Gucci - a role he describes as "showing the brand through my eyes".

The blogger wears the labels, attends their events and posts about them on his social media accounts.

Though he works for the brands, he is also one of their best customers.

Social media star Bryanboy has been blogging about fashion since 2004. ST PHOTOS: DESMOND WEE


  • I have this transparent Loewe puzzle bag that I bought in Paris during fashion week last month.

    I love the idea of a see-through bag because it shows that you have nothing to hide. I am always curious about what people are carrying in their bags because that can tell me a lot about their lives.

  • Things in his bag

  • Louis Vuitton card holder

    I love the idea of a small card holder. When I was younger, I used to carry very big wallets but I wanted to simplify my life. This has my identification card, two credit cards and some emergency cash - that is all I need. If I carry all my cards and lose them, I am dead.

    Clean & Clear oil control film

    My face can get really oily but I want my skin to look matte. You can get this only in Asia. In America, the blotting paper is actual paper instead of film.

    Chanel lipgloss

    I carry two sticks of lipgloss, both from Chanel. I don't use colour on my lips. I have a shiny clear gloss and a matte lip balm to moisturise my lips.


    I have three phones. One is my American phone and another is my European phone, which I use to communicate with brands and my contacts in these places. I have another phone that I use if I have to buy a local SIM card when I travel.

    External battery

    I carry more than one phone, so I always have a charger.

    Celine sunglasses

    Most Celine glasses are really big, but I like that this pair is cute and small. It is pretty classic.

    Evil eye pendant

    I carry this with me everywhere. One of my best friends from the Philippines got it for me from Turkey. Apparently, it wards off bad spirits. She gave this to me about nine years ago and it is very special to me.

    Mini Melissa monkey boot by Jeremy Scott

    I like the idea of using it to hold my smaller items. I love the colours and how cute it is. Jeremy Scott really knows how to create trendy items. He is fun and has a sense of humour.

"One of the public relations people at Gucci told me that I'm one of their top clients. I buy about five coats every season."

His most recent splurge was on a beige Barcelona bag from Loewe while he was in Singapore.

"I just gave them my credit card and did not look at the price. It just looked too high."

The former Web developer has been blogging about fashion since 2004.

His flamboyant character and the candid opinions on his blog,, caught the attention of those in the fashion world, and the blogger was soon propelled into the glamorous world of luxury labels and fashion runways.

In 2008, American fashion designer Marc Jacobs named the BB bag after Yambao, after seeing a post in which the blogger had raved about the green ostrich leather bag.

In the years that followed, Yambao became a fixture at Fashion Week front rows, sitting alongside the likes of Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour and pop star Madonna. He has also been a judge on fashion reality series America's Next Top Model.

Yambao's style has been described as extravagant and eccentric.

"I dress up because I like what I am wearing. When people look at my pictures, they see a character. But what I wear on Instagram is what I would wear to the super- market."

However, not everything Yambao buys comes with a designer label. The blogger recently bought 40 iPhone covers from Hong Kong's Mongkok market at about $12 each.

"I bought cases in the shape of Starbucks cups, fried rice, bacon, a hotdog and eggs. They are like costumes. They are clothes for your phone."

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