Fashion first for Beckham

The autumn/winter 2018 collection (left and centre) of Victoria Beckham (right), which was unveiled at New York Fashion Week on Sunday.
The autumn/winter 2018 collection (left and centre) of Victoria Beckham (right), which was unveiled at New York Fashion Week on Sunday.PHOTOS: AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, NYTIMES

But former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham says the band's message of girl power is a positive one for kids today

NEW YORK • What spices up Victoria Beckham's life now is her work as a fashion designer, not any desire to dish out a Spice Girls reunion tour.

She and the four other members of the Spice Girls, the best-selling female group ever, had sent fans into overdrive by announcing earlier this month plans to explore "incredible new opportunities" in the future.

Speaking to British Vogue, Beckham scotched the idea that she would get back on the road.

But she was warm about what the original "Girl Power" band might do in a #MeToo world, a reference to the social media movement against sexual harassment.

"I'm not going on tour. The girls aren't going on tour," said Beckham, 43, but without ruling out other possibilities entirely.

"There's something so strong in the message of what the Spice Girls stood for. What is that in the future? What does that look like?"

The Spice Girls rocketed to fame in 1996. They released their third and final album Forever in 2000, but also undertook a world tour in 2007-08 and sang at the London Olympics in 2012.

Of their recent get-together, Beckham said: "It was so great to see the girls. We had such a fun lunch.

"I still speak to them all individually, but for us all to get together was really lovely.

"You know, there's so much bad stuff going on and the Spice Girls were about fun and celebrating individuality. I think there's so much that the brand can do and it's such a positive message for young kids.

"We were just bouncing ideas around. Brainstorming," she said.

But given that she has fashioned a new career after the Spice Girls broke up, it remains to be seen if she can fit music into her current schedule.

"This is what I do," she added, glancing over at her collection.

On Sunday, she was in New York, presenting her autumn/winter 2018 collection at Fashion Week in what she called "a quiet celebration of where we have come" since her first appointments in that city a decade ago.

Her husband David, last month awarded a Major League Soccer franchise in Miami, sat next to Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour in the front row with three of the couple's four children.

Beckham, who appeared at the end to acknowledge the applause, was dressed elegantly in black pants and a sweater, with her hair swept into a chignon. Unusually, she walked over to give her family members each a quick hug.

It was a layered, working women's approach to autumn/winter 2018 with the safari suit look, belted macs, buttoned-up collars and big belts with enormous slouch bags, worn on the shoulder, half dangling open.

There were scarf hemlines and layering - suitable for the global customer who travels or lives in warmer climes - and a smattering of animal print to break up the olive, sand, brown, black and grey.

Shoes were flat, with overhanging buckle strips for a collection that had an undeniable London feel, rather austere and slightly androgynous.

Beckham had selected an imposing Upper East Side Beaux Art mansion, which she called a "more intimate space (that) allows for the construction and details of the garments to be seen from a new perspective".

Next season, she leaves New York to celebrate in London the 10th anniversary of a label that has transformed her from 1990s Spice Girl into a bona fide designer with good taste.


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