Dyson Airwrap Complete


Price: $699

Available at: Dyson website (shop.dyson.com.sg), Dyson counters at Robinsons The Heeren and Tangs at Tang Plaza

As someone who has thin, flat hair, Dyson's Airwrap's claim to impart volume and fullness got me excited.

When the Airwrap styling barrel is attached to the body, it looks somewhat similar to conventional curling tongs, but it works differently.

There are two barrel sizes - 30mm for tighter curls and 40mm for loose waves.

Unlike most curlers, there is no need to manually curl your hair over the barrel as the Coanda effect means hair automatically wraps around the barrel.

On my first try, I found it difficult to get used to the automatic curling as I was constantly tempted to manually wrap my hair around the barrel. It took a few days of practice before I got the hang of it.

After holding the hair in place with hot air for about 10 seconds, I blasted it with a shot of cold air by pushing a button upwards to seal in the curls before switching off the styler and moving it downwards away from the curled section of my hair.

After trying to style dry and wet hair, I realised that it is best to follow the instructions on the box, which state that you have to use the Airwrap on damp hair.


I had a much harder time styling dry hair as it does not seem to catch on well to the barrels.

Airwrap essentially styles and dries your hair at the same time, which is a plus point if you do not have much time to style your hair.

The Airwrap operates on temperatures no higher than 150 deg C, whereas the temperatures in traditional curlers can go up to 250 deg C and run the risk of burning your scalp or wrist.

In comparison to other curlers, the barrel is not scalding hot, but feels warm to the touch and you are less likely to burn yourself.

However, I could not tell if my hair was less damaged after a week's use compared with other curlers.

The entire process took about 20 minutes, a shorter time than the 30 minutes on my first try.

The curls stayed put for about four hours without adding any styling products, which is a fairly decent duration and better than most other curlers that require styling products to do so.

I only wish the barrel could hold a thicker bunch of hair instead of a pinch - to cut down on the styling time.

As the Airwrap is primarily a styling tool and costs a pretty penny, it would be best suited to those who style their hair frequently instead of those who plan to use it on special occasions.

Michelle Ng

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