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Design your own Tod's Gommino

A hot favourite among celebrities, you can now customise your own iconic leather moccasin.

The new Tod's Gommino is every trendsetter’s must-have for it marries fashion and function effortlessly.

If you love making your own style statement, here’s your chance to let your individuality shine by customising your own pair at Tod's Takashimaya.

Personalising your Gommino has never been easier.

The range has five designs for women and six for men. Make your selection then add your own personal touch by picking your choice of leather, colour, stitchings and linings, pebbled outsole and other accessories.

Finally, complete the personalisation process with your own initials for its hot-stamped monogram.

Personalise your own Gommino moccasin at Tod's new store in Takashimaya. PHOTO: TOD'S

A work of art

Tod's take pride in the workmanship that is put into crafting every pair of Gommino shoes.

Depending on the complexity of the design, up to 35 pieces of leather are required to make a single shoe.

First, the leather pieces are hand-cut into patterns by Tod’s in-house artisans before being treated individually.

Some leather pieces may take years before they reach the right shade and texture for assembling. When they are ready, an inspection will be done to check for flaws and ensure uniformity in hue, texture and thickness.

Next, they are ready to be assembled into specific designs by artisans at the atelier. Each artisan specialises in a specific task to complete the creation process such as stitching, polishing and cutting.

Attention to detail is crucial. 133 holes are carefully perforated on the sole of each shoe by hand to create the brand’s trademark "rubber pebbled soles" that is signature of the Gommino line.

Other pieces of each shoe are then assembled and polished before going through a final inspection. The screening for quality control is tight — every shoe with even the slightest flaw will be rejected and discarded.

This is the reason why every pair of Tod’s shoes exudes iconic style and promises lasting quality.

Tod’s latest Spring/Summer 2018 collection themed "Italian Dream" showcases a Mediterranean colour palette of white, beige, brown, coffee and sand tone. PHOTO: TOD'S

Tod’s is now at Takashimaya

Besides being known for its handcrafted custom-made shoes, Tod's ready-to-wear range of shoes and other accessories is also loved for its fashion-forward styles.

The luxury brand has recently stationed in Takashimaya on Feb 14, taking up 122 sq m of premium space.

The launch coincided with the debut of Tod’s latest Spring/Summer 2018 collection themed "Italian Dream". The beautiful and sophisticated collection showcases a Mediterranean colour palette of white, beige, brown, coffee and sand tone. And of course, new design styles of its iconic Gommino shoes.