Q&A: My Wardrobe

Denim forever

Model Andee Chua loves items made from the fabric and thinks it will never go out of style

Andee Chua, model, 27, single. He was the first and only Singaporean model to walk for Italian fashion house Armani at the Emporio Armani Menswear Spring/Summer 2016 show during Milan Fashion Week.

How would you describe your style?

Clean, classic and effortless.

When did your interest in fashion start?

I think my interest in dressing up started when I was in secondary school. I remember looking at magazines in bookstores and visualising myself as one of the models inside.

I enjoyed getting a nice haircut and buying clothes and shoes, especially for Chinese New Year.

Never trust what you see in a fitting-room mirror, says model Andee Chua.
Never trust what you see in a fitting-room mirror, says model Andee Chua. ST PHOTOS: CHEW SENG KIM

Who are your favourite designers and go-to brands?

My favourite brand is a Singapore menswear label called biro. All its clothes are made in Japan and I like the level of detail.

I don't usually buy things in bright colours, but I bought a floral shirt from biro (photo 1) for $260 because I felt like I needed something floral.

Nowadays, when I buy clothes, I'd rather spend money on quality ones such as those from biro.

Who are your style icons?

One person whom I think has great style is Sang Woo Kim, a British-Korean model who has an androgynous look. His distinctive style is influenced by his background in fine arts and it's simultaneously quirky and clean.

I also like South Korean model Noma Han. He has interesting tattoos on his arms and carries off his look with a lot of charisma.

What are your favourite pieces in your wardrobe?

When I was in Milan for Fashion Week last year, I bought a denim vest from a thrift shop for about $20 (photo 2). I love the colour blue.

A lot of the clothes I own has sentimental value. For example, the denim vest means a lot to me because it reminds me of my time in Milan.

I also have a black jacket made of polyamide fabric (photo 3), which was given to me by Emporio Armani when I walked in its show.

One of my favourite accessory pieces is a G-shock watch (photo 4), which I bought for $320. I like that the strap is made of rubber, while the watch face has metallic elements, making for a good balance of materials.

What are your weaknesses when it comes to shopping?

I love denim and I think it will never go out of style.

What is your favourite splurge piece?

I got this pair of sunglasses from New York eyewear brand Moscot (photo 5) at a discounted price, but its usual price is $680. I like its refined aesthetic and how it stands out from other sunglasses.

Is there a purchase you have regretted?

Yes, skinny jeans. I thought I looked nice in them, but it turns out that my legs just don't suit skinny or tapered jeans.

Lesson learnt: Never trust what you see in a fitting-room mirror.

What is your most recent fashion purchase?

I bought a pair of Calvin Klein platinum leather shoes (photo 6) for $250. I'm someone who would spend more on shoes and accessories than clothes.

What is the best shopping or style advice you live by?

Follow your heart and be yourself. Style is not about what you wear or how expensive your clothes are, but how well you pull off the look.

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