Comfort first

Hip-hop sensation Jay Park loves his Coach bag because it goes with everything and fits his versatile style.
Hip-hop sensation Jay Park loves his Coach bag because it goes with everything and fits his versatile style.ST PHOTOS: LAU FOOK KONG

Despite getting numerous accolades in the Korean music industry, hip-hop sensation Jay Park says he is a simple man.

On his style, he says: "I'm not a material person, I don't actually pay attention to brands that much. If it's designer or brand-less, I'll still wear it if I feel comfortable in it.

"I don't stick to a certain colour or style. Rather, I must always be comfortable. My style is very versatile and it depends a lot on my mood and how I'm feeling that day."

He tells Life that his go-to looks on lazy days include a tank top, sweatpants and cap, while dressier days call for a button-up shirt and dress pants.

"But I must always have accessories. I love accessories," he says. His favourite ones include earrings, chains and caps.

  • 4 Things In The Bag


    It's a gift from Coach. I love it because it can go with everything and that fits my versatile style. I have only the bare necessities when I go around, so I don't have much to carry.


    These are super helpful in sunny places such as Singapore.And they’re also good when you want to keep the mystery of your character.

    2. MACBOOK

    I do everything with my laptop, from listening to music to watching videos. I also write lyrics here. I need my laptop wherever I go.


    I travel quite a bit so this is absolutely necessary.

    4. WALLET

    This is something I need and I do keep important keepsakes inside too.

The American-born Korean musician is also a fan of vests. He says he owns a variety of them, ranging "from hooded vests to denim ones, I have almost every style".

For shopping in Seoul, he recommends that fans go to Apgujeong, Myeongdong and Dongdaemun.

"Each area in Seoul specialises in different things. For instance, Apgujeong is great for more high-end stuff, while Dongdaemun is great for night shopping. Seoul is a great place for inspiration and fashion."

He adds: "A lot of people look at magazines and try to emulate other people's style. For me, I believe that your style should be your own. I wear whatever I feel is good at that moment.

"My style is just like my music: full of variety."

Park, 28, will be releasing a rap album sometime this month, a marked departure from his previous albums, where he mainly sang.

On the influences behind his new album, he says: "I was on this Korean show called Show Me The Money and it's all about rap and hip-hop. I felt that it was very suitable for me to release an album consisting fully of rap."

The former leader of Korean boyband 2PM started his own independent hip-hop label, Above Ordinary Music Group (AOMG), in late 2013.

"I started it so that I could pursue my music freely. I don't have to take orders from anyone and I can do whatever I want," he says.

"I can also work with talented but unknown artists and give them a chance to get noticed."

Currently, the label has 12 artists on its roster, including co-founder and rapper Simon D, rapper and producer Lee Seong Hwa (known by his stage name, Gray) and American singer and producer Chase Vincent Malone (known as Cha Cha Malone).

Park adds: "Having my own label suits me more. I'm very comfortable and it's been very meaningful and enjoyable. It's done much better than I've expected and people have shown us a lot of support."

He was here in Singapore for a Coach event and has visited Singapore nine times.

According to him, Singapore is the country he has performed in the most other than his home country.

"I've a few close friends here in Singapore with whom I always meet. I also love going to Ku De Ta (now renamed Ce La Vi) at Marina Bay Sands. The food here is awesome," he says.

"Of course, I keep performing here because of the fans. Singaporean fans are so, so supportive and I truly appreciate that."

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