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Tips to make sure your skin does not suffer on long haul flights

How does one care for the skin on long-haul flights

Flying to a faraway destination is a dream for many. But taking long plane rides means subjecting your skin to dry, recycled air for many hours. This can cause your skin to become dehydrated and dull.

Mr Kenji Hirayama, regional trainer at Japanese cosmetics label RMK, says that when it comes to travelling on planes, it is vital to protect your skin. “Airplane travel can be harsh on the skin due to the dry air. The high altitude also increases the stress on your skin.”

Here are some tips on how to protect your skin during long flights.

  • Forget make-up

Make-up can cause your skin to dehydrate faster and hold on to dirt, which could clog your pores.

  • Moisturise

Apply a moisturiser before boarding the plane. It will protect the skin against dryness and minimise skin irritation due to environmental stressors.

  • Use an eye cream

The skin around the eyes is more delicate, so apply a gentle and light product. Keeping the skin around the eyes hydrated helps to reduce puffiness and fine lines.

  • Mist for more moisture

A face mist helps to refresh the skin without the sticky feeling. It is also easy to spritz on the skin throughout the flight.


Here are some products to try:

1. Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream, $95, from Kiehl’s counters

A moisturiser that contains manuka honey and Korean red ginseng root to help keep skin hydrated and vibrant.

2. Bright Future Overnight Facial, $159, from Allies of Skin, available at

A hypoallergenic chemical peel which can be left on throughout the night. The label says the formula helps to exfoliate the skin as well as keep it moisturised.

3. Renewed Hope In A Jar Hydrating Mist, $42, from Philosophy, available at Sephora outlets

A facial mist that is suitable for all skin types. The label says this spray tackles dry and dull skin.

4. Skintuner Treatment Extra Moist, $60, from RMK counters

A lightweight non-sticky liquid formula that contains rice bran and acerola extract, which the label says helps keep skin plump.

5. BioCalm Soothing Eye Balm, $45, from Estelle & Thild, available at Sephora outlets

A gentle eye cream suitable for sensitive skin. The product contains black elderflower and oat extract, which the label says offers anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

6. Soothe Deep Hydrating Lotion, $69, from Porcelain outlets

A hydrating toning lotion that can be spritzed onto the skin. The refreshing formula contains a high concentration of jojoba oil.

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