Bling rings a sure win

Give your outfits a lift by wearing statement rings and chunky and quirky necklaces

Mr Felix Siow, 36, owns more rings and scarves than his girlfriend.

The brand manager at fashion label Agnes B. has 20 rings and about 40 scarves. But it is his rings that he wears most often - an average of six every day.

"I am a fashion chameleon. I'm not very conventional in terms of my dressing and accessorising is one way of making myself unique," he says. "Rings complement my outfits and make me stand out. And I can pull them off - that's the most important."

He started wearing silver rings 20 years ago. His first was a silver skull ring from Tokyo which he paid between $200 and $300 for and still wears today.

His favourite brand is Chrome Hearts, an American brand known for its handmade, chunky, rock 'n' roll-style jewellery.

An Hermes scarf with a Native American print and a Chrome Hearts Dagger ring are among the treasured accessories of Mr Felix Siow (above). ST PHOTO: ALICIA CHAN

"I've liked it before it was trendy, which it has become recently because of K-pop culture. I've liked the rock-'n'-roll style since way back, even though I was never in a band. The rings, which are made of 925 silver, get worn with age, but I like their character."

A silver ring from Chrome Hearts averages about $1,000 and he has 15 of them.

His most expensive piece is a silver knuckle-duster, which cost him $2,500.

He also has rings from Italian luxury label Bottega Veneta, which he likes because of their subtle woven design.

As for his scarves, he started wearing them about 10 years ago when he travelled to France and Japan for work and noticed the men there wearing them.

He owns a mixture of brands, including a handful from luxury labels Hermes and Givenchy. His favourite is a blue triangle Hermes scarf - he likes its Native American print.

Mr Siow gets his fair share of compliments and comments about his accessorising.

"Sometimes I get asked about my sexual orientation just because I'm a bit more dressed-up," he says.

"I take it as a compliment."

Not that his girlfriend of five years, a project manager in the technology industry, is complaining. Mr Siow does not mind sharing his scarves with her. He has also influenced her to buy a few Chrome Hearts rings of her own.

An Hermes scarf with a Native American print (left) and a Chrome Hearts Dagger ring (right) are among the treasured accessories of Mr Felix Siow. ST PHOTOS: ALICIA CHAN

She bought him a Chrome Hearts Dagger ring for his birthday a few years ago, but he lost it one night when he was drunk. In fact, he has lost three rings that way.

"I was just dead drunk and didn't know what I was doing till the next morning," he says. He bought the same ring to replace the one his girlfriend had given him - with her knowledge.

While he thinks that scarves and rings are unique and fun to wear, he acknowledges that they may not be for everyone.

"It is really about being comfortable with yourself, but it will be nice for Singaporean men to step up their dressing game as they tend to dress in a laidback fashion."

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