Bargain hunters

Alyssa Woo, Brina Tan, Eddino Abdul Hadi and Gina Peh speak to shoppers on the first weekend of the Great Singapore Sale and find out what is in their shopping bags

MR LEO WIDODO, 48, entrepreneur, his wife Dretty Widodo, 45, and daughters Gisele, 14, and Kanaya, nine, from Jakarta, at Ngee Ann City (above)

"We came to Singapore especially for the GSS."

What we bought: A pair of jeans from Guess for $105 after a 20 per cent discount and a Rolex Datejust watch for Mrs Widodo's birthday present

Total amount spent: About $13,000

Best buy: Rolex Datejust watch, which was not on discount. Mr Widodo declined to reveal its price

MS DELA LEOW, 41, administrator, at Ngee Ann City

What I bought: A pink headband from Salvatore Ferragamo; a ring and a bangle from Bimba Y Lola; and floral-printed bermuda shorts from Zara

Total amount spent: About $300

Best buy: Salvatore Ferragamo headband that cost $168 after a 30 per cent discount

MS RONNA VILLAPANDO, 35, businesswoman from the Philippines, at Ngee Ann City

"I came for the GSS, but bought non-sale items because they might not have my size anymore if I waited till they were on sale."

What I bought: Non-sale items - two pairs of Fendi sneakers; Chanel espadrilles; Hermes sandals; two pairs of sunglasses and earrings from Dior; and three Kenzo T-shirts. Sale items - a dress, sweater and shirt from Moschino; two pairs of Saint Laurent sandals; and two pairs of Valentino flats

Total amount spent: About $15,000

Best buy: Valentino flats at $644 each after a 30 per cent discount; and YSL sandals at $875 a pair after a 30 per cent discount

MS RACHEL SANTHY, 35, property investor from Jakarta who comes to Singapore to shop during weekends, at Ngee Ann City

"I buy items even if they're not on sale. So the GSS is not that important to me."

What I bought: Green leather handbag and two wallets from Michael Kors; a dress, an embroidered cotton top and three logo tees from Mango; a pair of sunglasses and a pink leather handbag from Kate Spade New York. They were all on sale.

Total amount spent: About $4,000

Best buy: Green leather handbag from Michael Kors, $320, after a 30 per cent discount

MS JACQUELINE NG, 28, executive assistant, at Ngee Ann City

What I bought: Grey laptop bag from Agua

Total amount spent: $39.90, after a $10 discount

MS DAI YAN HUA, 54, housewife, at Ngee Ann City

"I came because of the GSS as I don't usually buy regular-priced items. I prefer to wait for items to be on sale and the greater the discount, the better."

What I bought: Two pairs of slip-on shoes and a pair of black boots, all from Timberland

Total amount spent: $198

Best buy: All three pairs had a 70 per cent discount and there was an extra 10 per cent off as I used my POSB card

MR TAN GUAN KIONG, 58, senior technician, with his wife Soh Siew Geok, 54, a chef, at Ngee Ann City

"We came to Takashimaya to window-shop but found some good bargains at the GSS."

What we bought: A pair of women's shoes from Timberland and a leather handbag from Coach for Madam Soh

Total amount spent: About $700

Best buy: The Coach handbag, which cost $600 after a 30 per cent discount

MR ZHAO WEN, 29, credit risk analyst at Ngee Ann City

I'm here "because of the GSS to search for good bargains".

What I bought: Two dress shirts from Feraud and John Curtis and a pair of work pants from Goldlion, all from Takashimaya

Total amount spent: $242.40

Best buy: The dress shirt from Feraud that cost $103.20 after a 20 per cent discount

MALAYSIANS LIZA YAACOB, 44, and her mother Zabedah Mohd Isa, 67, housewives, at Paragon. Liza lives in Singapore, while her mother lives in Malaysia

"The GSS is something we were looking forward to. My mother came down just to shop. We plan to head to more malls after this."

What we bought: Two air purifiers and a thermos flask from Metro

Total amount spent: $139.90

Best buy: Air purifiers at $128 for both, with a two-for-one offer

MS HIKARI YAMAUCHI, 41, housewife from Japan, lives in Singapore, at Paragon

"I shop about once a week. I came to the mall today because of the GSS."

What I bought: A cardigan, a skirt and ribbon hair clips from children's wear boutique Chateau De Sable for her three children

Total amount spent: $73.70 after a 40 per cent discount off all items

MS MABEL LOONG, 35, housewife, with her two-year-old daughter at Paragon

"I shop almost every weekend, mostly for my daughter. I needed to buy some things for her from Mothercare so it's a coincidence that we are here during the GSS."

What I bought: Five Philips baby products, including sippy cups and bottle teats, from Mothercare

Total amount spent: $101.70. All items were at a 15 per cent discount

MR ANDY LIM, 19, student, at Paragon

"I didn't even know it was the GSS. I was accompanying a friend who was meeting a Carousell buyer in town."

What I bought: Two T-shirts from Banana Republic

Total amount spent: $45, after a 50 per cent discount

MS STEF YAP, 28, executive assistant, and her father Stephen Yap, 55, a retired Singapore Armed Forces commando, at Robinsons The Heeren

What we bought: Five men's shirts and two pairs of pants; and women's haircare products

Total amount spent: $369

Best buy: My haircare products. My father got discounts of up to 50 per cent on his clothes and received $40 worth of Robinsons vouchers. I used those to buy my products

MS ADELE LEE, 30, marketing manager in the automobile industry, at Raffles City

What I bought: Two sets of bedsheets and three towels from French brand Jean Perry from Robinsons that were 60 per cent off

Total amount spent: $30, although the bill was $380 because I used $350 in vouchers to pay for the items

MS LEE ERN MAY, 21, student, at Raffles City

"I shopped the previous weekend with my mum as some of the stores already had pre-sales. I bought a lot of clothes from Tangs and Takashimaya and we spent about a thousand dollars."

What I bought: A dress, hoodie, sweatpants and iPhone case from British fashion and lifestyle brand Jack Wills for my sister, who is studying overseas. I think the dress and the phone case were 30 per cent off

Total amount spent: About $300

TERRI ANN GOH, 11, student, at Raffles City

"My mother and I are meeting my cousin for dinner and she decided to buy something for him after walking past the Takara Tomy sale."

What we bought: A Tomica toy set from Japanese toy brand Takara Tomy

Total amount spent: $39.95. It was originally $129.95

MS HTIKE HTIKE HTOO, 26, quantity surveyor in the engineering industry, at Raffles City

"I waited two months for the GSS to buy my brother a G-Shock watch as I knew the sale would start in June. I bought this at Jem earlier today."

What I bought: A G-Shock watch for my brother's 20th birthday

Total amount spent: $206.10, after a 10 per cent discount

RYAN GOH, 18, studying hotel management, tourist from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, at Raffles City

"I came to Singapore for the Gunpla Expo 2016 at Ngee Ann City." (The Expo is the largest Gundam model exhibition here.)

What I bought: Two Gundam plastic model kits. The rest of the bags are my mum's shopping

Total amount spent: $62. Discounts were between 20 and 40 per cent

MR RED JALLEH JIE KE, 21, full-time national serviceman at Ion Orchard

What I bought: Three pairs of shorts, one pair of exercise shorts and one cotton top from H&M, all of which were not on sale

Total amount spent: $200

Best buy: The exercise shorts, which cost $29.90. I can wear them to swim or the gym. They're a multi-purpose piece of clothing

MARIA TRI ANGELICA, 17, student at Pioneer Junior College, at Ion Orchard

"I shop about once a month and I keep an eye out for sales."

What I bought: A dress, a blouse and pair of jeans from Zara, and a sling bag from Rabeanco. Only the jeans and bag were on sale.

Total amount spent: $600

Best buy: $70 for the dress, although it was not on sale

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