7 things in the bag

Choo Yilin's bag

"I had been looking for the perfect bag for a really long time before I found this from Prada. This was the first luxury purchase that I made in 2012.

"When I was doing my master's a few years ago, we went to Milan to meet the big luxury brands as part of the programme. I bought this bag then to commemorate the trip.

"I wear a lot of neutrals and pastels, so this matches my outfits very well and I love the weave design.

"Because I generally dump a lot of things into my bag, even my laptop, every bag I carry has to be of a certain size."

1. Mika yoga clothing

I practise Bikram yoga almost every day. It is the best stress- management tool that I have. My attire is rather skanky-looking, but it gets very hot in class, so everyone wears as little as possible.

2. Christian Lacroix wallet

The sales associate who sold me this was the pushiest person I've ever met. She offered me a 10 per cent discount and when I said no, she increased her offer to 20 per cent and then 30 per cent. Eventually, I bought it because it was such a good deal. That was an experience I did not quite expect to get at a fancy boutique in Paris.

3. Mmerci Encore Invigorating Facial Mist

This is really a little treat.

It smells nice and perks me up.

4. Green tea

I drink only green tea. I just love the way green tea tastes.

5. Watermelon Frost lozenges

This works the best for me when I have a sore throat and everyone I've given this to loves it. You can get this at Chinese medical halls.

6. Foolscap pad

I go through one pad every month. I don't just compile notes in them, but I also draw things, such as mind maps, which allow me to crystallise information better.

7. Choo Yilin bamboo collection

I'll always have some extra pieces of jewellery just in case I need more accessories. These are from my latest collection. Bamboo is also another significant icon in East Asian culture, just like jade.

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