Zhang Ziyi's parents denounce rumours that their son attacked their future son-in-law Wang Feng

BEIJING - Actress Zhang Ziyi's parents have written a letter in support of their future son-in-law, rocker Wang Feng, and denounced online rumours that their son and daughter-in-law kicked up a row at the party where their daughter got engaged.

On Tuesday, the rumours had it that Zhang's older brother and agent, Zinan, made a scene at her birthday bash with his wife, actress Yin Xu, last Saturday. NetEase website cited an unconfirmed story that there was a fight that left one guest, singer Wang Leehom's wife Li Jinglei, injured. Wang Feng's agent called the stories about the row "pure fabrication".

A post by someone claiming to be Zhang's brother and criticising Wang also went viral on social media on Tuesday. Zhang issued a denial that afternooon, before posting her parents' handwritten statement on Weibo that night, said NetEase.

Noting the "difficulties" their daughter and future son-in-law have been through since the start of their relationship, economist Zhang Yuanxiao and teacher Li Zhuosheng wrote: "As witnesses of this love, we congratulate Ziyi on her happiness and we are happy our family will have one more excellent member."

The parents said the recent online rumours were slanders on the celebrity couple, and had "caused distress and injury" to the family. They asked the rumour-mongers "who are taking advantage of this to achieve any purpose" to stop.

The romance of Zhang, 36, and Wang, 43, became known in 2013, the year he announced a second divorce. He has two daughters, a primary school-age child with model Ge Huijie, and a preschooler with his second wife.

He is known in the region as a judge on the competition show The Voice Of China while Zhang is world-famous as an actress. After their engagement made global news, the Chinese media took note of the fact that the foreign headlines focused not on Wang but on the drone at the party that carried his diamond ring for Zhang.

However, her parents said: "Ziyi and Wang Feng are our children, and also outstanding, successful people in different sectors of society. They have striven for the arts over the years and given their all to make due contributions to the development of the nation's cultural industry."

They concluded: "As parents, we don't want too much noise influencing the lives and careers that should belong to them."

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