Zhang Ziyi's boyfriend Wang Feng proposes with a diamond ring carried on a drone at party

Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi said yes to rocker boyfriend Wang Feng's proposal. -- PHOTO: NEW PAPER
Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi said yes to rocker boyfriend Wang Feng's proposal. -- PHOTO: NEW PAPER
The picture of heart-shaped fireworks posted on Zhang Ziyi's Weibo account, where she wrote: "Yes, I will (marry you)." -- PHOTO: ZHANG ZIYI'S WEIBO ACCOUNT
Wang Feng reaching for the diamond ring carried by the drone. -- PHOTO: HANDOUT 

Beijing - After months of anticipation by fans, Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi's boyfriend has proposed.

And he did it in a high-tech yet romantic way, reported website NetEase.

At Zhang's birthday party yesterday, Chinese rocker Wang Feng sent a white drone carrying a diamond ring flying in, accompanied by romantic music.

As friends such as singers Wang Lee Hom and Na Ying looked on, he went down on one knee and proposed.

Amid cheers and applause, Zhang's surprise turned to tears as she answered firmly, "Yes". She turns 36 years old tomorrow.

This morning, on her Weibo, she wrote "Yes, I will (marry you)," and posted a picture of a fireworks scene at the party.

Wang later shared her message and wrote on Weibo, "Thanks for completing my life. All the hardship is past. From now we are together till we're old."

"We have experienced happy times and bitter times. I hope Ziyi will always have happy times. If we grow old, I will still be able to look after you," Wang had tearfully proposed.

They then embraced and enjoyed the fireworks display.

Reports said he gave her a 9.15-carat flawless diamond ring from London's Moussaieff Jewellery and a ruby-diamond bracelet.

Zhang was born in the Chinese Year of the Goat and the party's theme was, as translated from Chinese, "Goat Year Wins Ziyi", which appears to be a play on a Chinese idiom meaning "good cheer". The Goat Year starts on Feb 19.

Wang, 43, also decorated the venue, which was unidentified in the NetEase report, filling a backdrop wall with flowers.

Zhang previously dated Chinese TV host Sa Beining and Israeli billionaire Vivi Nevo.

It will be the third marriage for Wang, who has two daughters, one from a previous relationship and another from his second marriage.

He reportedly filed for divorce from his second wife in March 2013, and announced the end of the marriage in September that year.

Their relationship came to light as early as July 2013 when they were seen in Los Angeles where she was promoting The Grandmaster (2013).

Three months later, they were seen sharing a blanket on a plane. Gossips then criticised her for picking a lesser beau, saying she earned 20 times more than him.

A month later, at a Shanghai concert and with Zhang in the audience, Wang pledged publicly to make her "the happiest woman in the world".

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