YouTuber's overnight video at Ikea goes viral

Max Lee hid himself in Ikea to make this video.
Max Lee hid himself in Ikea to make this video. PHOTO: MAX LEE/YOUTUBE

Max Lee, 25, son of Taiwan actor Lee Hsing-wen, remained in the Taipei branch of furniture giant Ikea after it closed for the day.

But he was not taking part in a sleepover many Singaporeans are familiar with, when Ikea stores held such events over the years.

Instead, the young man whiled away the hours last Monday night by walking on display items such as tables and sleeping on the beds, among other activities.

He had first hidden himself in a storeroom to wait for the outlet to be closed for the day. He started exploring the premises after 3am, after the staff members had stopped working.

At one point, he took off his clothes and pretended to shower, tracking his actions in a video which he posted on YouTube, reported Taiwan News.

A security alarm was triggered by his movements in the store, but he managed to avoid discovery when a guard came to check.

Soon after 5am, the video shows concern on Lee's face when the lights in the store were activated suddenly, but his checks do not reveal the presence of any staff members.

A relaxed Lee then uses a mock-up of an apartment in the store, saying that this is his house.

He pretends to be a baby in a cot and simulates an indecent act at a computer desk, saying: "What're you looking at?

Around 9am, the video shows him leaving the store, telling an employee whom he comes across he is an early customer.

She tells him breakfast is not ready to be served at its in-house cafe.

After he goes outside the store, Lee can be heard on the video saying he has "successfully completed" his mission.

But many netizens were outraged over his prank. One person asked if he had considered the possibility of Ikea staff being hauled up by their superiors over the security breach. They could be sacked.

After his YouTube video went viral, Ikea reported the matter to the authorities, with New Taipei City Police Department's Xin-zhuang precinct last Thursday, charging Lee with indecent conduct and unlawful entry.

At the police station, where he was called up to give a statement, he reportedly apologised, saying his father was upset over what he had done.

Lee has tried to contain the damage by removing the video from his YouTube channel and Facebook page.

But netizens say he is testing people's patience.

They note that he seemed to like to court controversy, perhaps to stand out among others who make a living from their YouTube channels.

Last year, media outlets reported that Lee posted photographs of what seemed to be cannabis in jars.

He later clarified the marijuana was fake and waved off the protests by saying that "Taiwanese don't have a sense of humour".

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