X-Men director says he wasn't in Hawaii in 1999, couldn't have sexually assaulted teen

Los Angeles - Bryan Singer's lawyer says the director was not in Hawaii in 1999 during the time a lawsuit accuses him of drugging and raping an underage boy, Michael Egan.

"We now have documentary evidence proving that Singer was not in Hawaii during the time period he was alleged to have been there with Egan," a representative from defence attorney Martin Singer's law firm is quoted as saying by TheWrap website on Saturday.

"As confirmed by his cell phone records, credit card statements and receipts, per diem payment records, and production schedule, Singer was filming a movie in Toronto, or otherwise travelling within the continental US from August 1999 through early 2000."

The movie was X-Men, which was released in July 2000. Bryan Singer's X-Men: Days Of Future Past is set for release next month.