WWE superstar Finn Balor charms fans during quick Singapore visit

WWE superstar Finn Balor was in Singapore last weekend to promote a WWE live event at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on June 28. PHOTO: FABIUS CHEN
WWE superstar Finn Balor (right) interacting with fan impersonators at Tampines Mall, on June 10, 2017. PHOTO: SHARON LEE
WWE superstar Finn Balor's demon king persona is very popular with fans. photo: WWE

Equally adored by male and female fans due to his explosive wrestling style and charming good looks, WWE wrestler Finn Balor has a trump card which is his alter-ego, the fearsome Demon King.

It is an intricate look which requires Balor to be covered with elaborate face and body paint, a process that can take up to four hours.

With grey eyes and an easygoing nature, the 35-year-old Irishman whose real name is Fergal Devitt, laughed when told he was voted the sexiest male wrestler of the year by readers of Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

He told The Straits Times: "I'm obviously extremely flattered. But wrestling is not a beauty contest, it's a lot more than that."

The dashing WWE superstar was in Singapore from June 9 to 10 to promote the WWE live event coming up at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on June 28, its only show in South-east Asia this year.

Once a scrawny kid training in the dojos of Japan, Balor has become one of the most popular professional wrestlers in the world.

He recounted his wrestling origins: "I arrived in Japan when I was 24. I was just a boy with no experience of the world, outside of Ireland."

"Through my eight years, I developed into a cultured human being and kept myself on an even keel with everything I'm doing now in WWE.

"I trained in the UK originally and when I went to Japan, I got retrained in the Japanese style. There's a lot of attention to detail. It's almost like I was trained twice.

"I really believe that the attention to detail in the dojos and the Japanese fighting spirit to never give up, was instilled in me at an early point."

This is something that has stuck with him in WWE. But it has been a while since the Demon King made its last appearance.

Balor continued: "That's the million dollar question, isn't it? The demon king is something that I only channel on certain occasions.

"I can't really control myself. I have to be boxed into a corner. It has to be brought out.

"In recent times, I haven't been put in a situation whereby I needed to draw on that power. I'm sure in the future that will be something that will be needed."

The longest reigning NXT champion at 292 days, Balor created history by defeating Seth Rollins, becoming the inaugural WWE Universal Champion at Summerslam last year.

But he sustained a serious arm injury and was forced to relinquish the title the next day.

On June 28 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, Balor is expected to face former teammate Karl Anderson.

"We have had a long history in the United States and Japan as part of the Club. But you know, good friend, better enemies.

"Growing up, I never imagined being employed by WWE, let alone becoming a WWE champion.

"I've far exceeded my dreams so right now, I just hope to continue to grow as a performer and help to inspire the next generation of wrestlers."

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