WWE: Cesaro on gruelling lifestyle of professional wrestlers besides entertaining fans

WWE star Cesaro in Manila, Philippines for a WWE show. PHOTO: TWITTER/ CESARO
WWE superstar Cesaro, nicknamed the Swiss Superman, fielding questions from reporters on Sept 9, 2016 in Manila, Philippines on Sept 9, 2016. PHOTO: FABIUS CHEN

The life of a WWE superstar may seem glamorous but its star wrestlers see it as a lifestyle that they love, or else, it would have worn them out by now.

Cesaro, 35, whose real name is Claudio Castagnoli, is one such WWE star who feels this way.

In the Philippines recently when WWE made a stop on Sept 9 in Manila for its only show in South-east Asia in 2016, he told a packed media conference: "It's not just a job, it's a lifestyle that you have to love."

A former United States champion and winner of the inaugural Andre the Giant battle royal in 2014, he continued: "After Raw, we flew to London the next day, which is about an eight-hour flight overnight. That night, we wrestled in London. (The next day), we flew to Hong Kong - 13 hours. Another hour and half here to Manila.

"That's the side that people don't see. They only see us on Monday or Tuesday on television. They think, oh, they work only one day a week! That's great!"

"No, it's not that easy. Even if it were just in the United States, there are WWE events on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday and when you get home, you have, maybe, autograph signings, interviews. You need to stay in shape, so it's a lifestyle.

"For me, it's awesome, I love it. I love to travel to different countries. This is my first time here in the Philippines.

"You have to have a knack for it. Other than that, you're doing live events in the States, trying to squeeze in travel, the gym and the show, it's a lot."

Currently embroiled in a feud with fellow wrestler Sheamus who is leading him 3-2 in a best-of-seven series, Cesaro has won the last two matches.

He said: "I'm on the roll and it's kinda hard to stop me when I'm on a roll. Sheamus and I are evenly matched.

"We're around the same height, same weight. We both have very physical styles and so, on a good night, it can go either way.

"The best way to settle this is through a best-of-seven series. We're going to find out who's the better man.

"It's very important to have momentum. He had momentum, he won the first three matches. Now I have momentum.

"WWE has given me a championship opportunity. I just don't think he is going to be taking it away from me."

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