Wife of Taiwan singer Hsieh Ho-hsien, who wants to divorce her, hits out at his lover

Keanna Taiyh wrote that both Hsieh Ho-hsien and the woman's actions cannot be condoned. PHOTO: KEANNA_TAIYH/INSTAGRAM

The wife was fed up with his inability to break his drug-taking habit so she reported her husband to the police.

But after Taiwan singer Hsieh Ho-hsien, 32, was arrested on Dec 5 and released, he later stunned netizens by revealing online that he planned to divorce his pregnant spouse.

He also posted a video which showed him with a woman called Liya who sang along as he played the guitar in a hotel room in Beitou.

He described her as a good companion who is sensitive to his mood shifts.

Now, his wife Keanna Taiyh, whom he married in 2016, has lashed out at his lover, according to the AsiaOne portal.

She did not identify the woman in the online post on Tuesday (Jan 7).

In it, she wrote that both Hsieh and the woman's actions cannot be condoned, since he knows what he is doing, and that the woman is aware of his bipolar condition.

Describing the woman's actions as immoral, the wife slammed her for taking advantage of his impulsive sex behaviour.

She said the woman was out to gain attention and fame, and that she was a scheming person who had told lies.

Ms Taiyh questioned the woman's assertion that Hsieh had helped her when she was harassed, and asked if such need for assistance required the woman to stay in the same hotel room with him.

Her post has drawn more than 270,000 likes.

She was in tears when the police came on Dec 5 and found more than 10g of marijuana in Hsieh's home, reported Taiwan News.

She also broke down at the police station where he was detained for one night.

The singer, who goes by the professional name R-chord, had in the past admitted to drug use, even saying publicly that it should be legalised.

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