Why has Corey Feldman not revealed names of paedophiles to the police?

Actor Corey Feldman and his wife Courtney Anne Mitchell pose at the premiere for the documentary Jane in Los Angeles.
Actor Corey Feldman and his wife Courtney Anne Mitchell pose at the premiere for the documentary Jane in Los Angeles.PHOTO: REUTERS

NEW YORK (WP) - Last week, 1980s child star Corey Feldman announced he would start naming names - revealing the men who allegedly molested him and other young Hollywood actors. He would do it once he raises US$10 million (S$13.6 million) to create a feature film that will be the "most honest and true depiction of child abuse ever portrayed".

But while he spends time raising money and making a movie, could this person still be abusing children? That is a concern for, among others, the mother of the late Corey Haim, who Feldman claims was raped at 11.

On Monday morning, before Feldman appeared on the Today show, host Matt Lauer read a statement from Judy Haim, who told NBC News that if Feldman decides to expose abusers now "for the sake of more victims, I'll be 100 per cent behind that. But if he's waiting to release the names in the movie, I don't support that. He doesn't need US$10 million to do it".

Both Lauer and Megyn Kelly talked to Feldman during interviews that got heated at times.

During the Kelly interview, Feldman revealed one name - talent manager Marty Weiss - although he said he had already revealed Weiss' identity in his 2013 memoir Coreyography.

Lauer asked Feldman how prevalent this kind of abuse is in the movie industry. Feldman responded that the Harvey Weinstein scandal is just the tip of the iceberg.

The interview then got contentious, especially when Lauer said: "In all fairness, though, we've been down this road before with you, and you have promised in the past to name names." "Never," Feldman replied. Lauer countered: "When you were talking about your book, you said you were going to blow the lid off this."

Feldman claimed that his publisher forced him to leave out allegations against specific people, "which is why I'm taking the matter into my own hands".

Lauer said: "You just told me that this is still prevalent in Hollywood, so every day you wait, every day you try to raise money, I would imagine, you believe children are still being abused by paedophiles in Hollywood. Why aren't you... talking to the police right now?"

According to Feldman, he gave all the names to Santa Barbara police in 1993 when they questioned him about Michael Jackson who, Feldman maintains, never abused him.

The reason Feldman will not go to the police now, he said, is because the statute of limitations has expired."And let me push this forward," Feldman added. "There are thousands of people in Hollywood who have the same information. Why is it all on me?

"Why is it if I don't release the names in the next two months, six months or a year, I'm the bad guy? I'm the victim here. I'm the one who's been abused. I'm the one who's trying to come forward and do something about it."