Why Aaron Kwok went public about girlfriend

Aaron Kwok.

HONG KONG • At age 50, pop star Aaron Kwok  is finally confident that he can conduct a public romance without affecting his career, he said a day after announcing his relationship with Chinese model Moka Fang, 27.

At a reception on Wednesday, he was protective of Fang, but made a sideswipe at Chinese model Lynn Hung, his former girlfriend who reacted to his announcement by posting on Weibo a photo of herself and her current boyfriend, businessman Ken Kwok, in matching Fendi "monster" shoes.

Singer Kwok had likened an unsuitable relationship to uncomfortable shoes, after he and Hung ended their seven-year underground romance in 2013. Her Weibo post on Wednesday seemed to signal that she has found a more comfortable relationship, said Ming Pao Daily News.

Asked to comment, Kwok said: "I wish her well. Of course, I hope everyone is happy."

He paused, before adding: "I have something to tell everyone. Life is not a battlefield, there is no need to compete."

Fang is the first girlfriend he has openly acknowledged in his decades in show business. Kwok, who started out as a TVB dancer, had a string of rumoured love interests through the years, including actresses Gloria Yip, Christy Chung, Athena Chu and Norika Fujiwara, singers Mango Wong and Anna Kay, and most recently, model Kabby Hui.

On Tuesday, he lit up Weibo when he introduced Fang as his girlfriend, ahead of a Next Magazine report on the model spending six days at his home last week. At the function, he was all smiles as he talked about his new relationship, said Ming Pao and Apple Daily.

"I'm going public with the relationship because the timing is right. I want to go public because I want to date sincerely and honestly, and also hope to receive blessings," he said. "Although I don't know what the future holds, I'm brave. Marriage is another stage, I'll leave it to heaven to decide."

He added: "My thinking is mature now. Going public won't affect my work."

Conflicting rumours have it that the couple have dated for more than a year or just a month. He said: "It's been only a very short time. We were introduced by friends at a meal."

Although he is 23 years older than his girlfriend, he said: "For two people to get along, it isn't about age. It's about their minds and interests."

"Age is not a problem and I don't look it," he added, referring to his youthful looks. Asked about rumours that Fang once dated Chinese business heir Wang Sicong, Kwok said: "I have no response. We should learn to respect each other. Everyone has a past."

A Chinese reporter asked whether Fang had met Kwok's mother.

The singer said: "It should be the next step. I hope my mother is happy."

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