What’s baking? Tanya Chua's new love

Singaporean singer Tanya Chua is seeing French pastry chef Johann Martin.
Singaporean singer Tanya Chua is seeing French pastry chef Johann Martin. PHOTO: TANYA CHUA/ INSTAGRAM

TAIPEI • Life is sweet for Singaporean singer-songwriter Tanya Chua, who has confirmed a romance with French pastry chef Johann Martin.

Chua, 41, spoke about him for the first time after her concert at Taipei Arena over the weekend, after Next Magazine published photos of them dating last month.

“Isn’t he handsome? I also think he’s handsome,” she said at the post-concert party.

Asked how long they had been together, she answered: “I won’t tell you in the traditional way. We were photographed, that’s it. You don’t need to hear anything I say. Just see it with your eyes.”

When she released her record Aphasia last year, she said she was not dating and had not written a love song for the album because it would be a lie, reported Next Magazine. At the party, she said she would start writing love songs again, but added that it was too soon to think of marriage, reported Apple Daily.

Martin, who is said to be 34 and to have published cookbooks including Top Dessert, teaches at Bellouet Conseil, a pastry school in France that Chua is said to have gone to.

According to Next Magazine, the singer had been single for four years before this. During that time, she flew to Paris to learn to make desserts, said the report.

Chua did not confirm this at the party, but spoke of an unhappy time in her life, which began in 2011, when her father died.

She felt she needed change and people with positive energy. At that time, Taiwanese singer Jolin Tsai appeared in her life, Chua said. Tsai had been through a crisis of her own and the two talked about their experiences.

Chua’s personal journey led her to desserts and she has found true happiness and freedom making them, she said.

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