Want to know more about singer Tanya Chua's relationship with a pastry chef? Check out social media

Tanya Chua and Johann Martin holding desserts in an Instragram post on Oct 15, 2016.
Tanya Chua and Johann Martin holding desserts in an Instragram post on Oct 15, 2016.PHOTO: INSTAGRAM / CHUA.TANYA

SINGAPORE - Instead of talking about her new romance with a pastry chef, Singaporean singer-songwriter Tanya Chua tells reporters to follow her on social media for details.

At a media session on Monday afternoon (Oct 24) to promote her upcoming Lemuria concert at The Star Theatre on Dec 10, she gets a little flustered and tongue-tied when the conversation turns to Mr Johann Martin, a 34-year-old pastry chef who was the course instructor at Paris' Bellouet Conseil School where she did a three-month baking course earlier this year.

"There's social media, go look it up," she says with a laugh.

Indeed, on her Instagram account, there are pictures of the two of them having a meal, holding a tray of desserts and just looking comfortable in each other's company.

But do not expect her relationship to become fodder for her songs along the lines of what American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift does.

Looking chic in a white blouse paired with a black printed skirt, Chua, 41, says: "My music will change depending on where I am and who I've become. As to what my next album, or even next song will be like, I never know until the moment inspiration strikes."

If her current mood is any indication, fans should be expecting more buoyant music from one of Singapore's most highly acclaimed Mandopop exports.

Says Chua, who has been taking a break from making music after her album last year, the game-changing electronica work Aphasia: "Right now, I'm very happy being myself. So be it baking or making music or falling in love, you're just being yourself at every stage. And when you enjoy that, everything feels wonderful."




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