Voice Of China supports Wang Feng

BEIJING • The Voice Of China has spoken in support of celebrity coach Wang Feng after he accused the media of bias against him and contestants in his group on the talent show, said NetEase news website.

The incident had blown up last Thursday, at the taping of an episode in which rocker Wang's team competed with singer Harlem Yu's team and some of Wang's students were voted out, one after another, by 51 media representatives.

Wang was so unhappy that he told his team during the recording: "I must say sorry to you. Please pardon my frankness. You didn't lose in music, you didn't lose to Teacher Harlem's ability, you didn't lose to the other contestants' wonderful performances."

Rather, they lost because of the "worldly criticism and prejudice" against Wang, he said.

The star's relationship with the media has deteriorated after China Newsweek published an April 27 story, The Wang Feng School Of Success, portraying him as a musical sell-out, said NetEase.

After his outburst, producers of the show defended him on Weibo last Friday.

They said it was courageous of Wang, who has been "demonised" and "ridiculed" in the media, to risk offending the press further with his remarks at the taping.

But he did it to "protect his students" and it is ironic that such a mentor has been criticised for having low EQ, the producers added.

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