Vic Chou talks about cosying up to Ariel Lin

The Taiwanese actor's bedroom scenes with co-star Ariel Lin happened on the first day of filming Go Lala Go 2

Taiwanese singer-actor Vic "Zai Zai" Chou left a trail of broken hearts when he broke the news of his marriage to actress Reen Yu in social media on Nov 10.

What fans will never know is how the proposal went down, as the heart-throb kept a tight lid on the momentous event.

Speaking over the telephone, Chou, 34, says: "It was pretty simple for us and not what the media or everyone imagined. It was quite a simple proposal."

He was reluctant to share details and describes that day as "normal". He had popped the question over a meal and when asked if he had created a special mood, the response was a curt "meiyou" ("no" in Mandarin).

The star, who rose to fame as the broody Hua Ze Lei in the hit Taiwanese idol drama, Meteor Garden (2001), adds: "There's no point trying to dig out more because I'm an ordinary person, so I can't share some definitive experience with you because it was simple."

He met Yu on the set of his 2009 crime drama, Black & White. The couple have been dating for four years.

His previous girlfriends include the late actress Beatrice Hsu and singer-actress Barbie Hsu, his co-star in Meteor Garden.

In his new movie, Go Lala Go 2, he plays the photographer boyfriend of the titular character who plans an elaborate proposal. Chou was in Beijing for the gala premiere of the film on Wednesday. The movie opens in Singapore today.

On his character Wang Wei, he notes: "He's detailed and meticulous in the way he thinks about things and, personally, I think I'm more go-with-the-flow."

While reel and real characters did not match up, the bigger challenge was conveying the physical intimacy of a relationship.

As he plays the boyfriend to actress Ariel Lin's Du Lala, the two had to kiss and cosy up in bed. And these scenes took place on the first day of shooting - a process Chou called "strong medicine" administered by director Andrew Chien.

Chou says: "We had to act as if we were not strangers and behave like a long-time couple."

In a way, the film could have spurred his real-life proposal. It is about how two people in a relationship overcome problems and continue with their journey.

He says: "There was a perfect ending and that made me think about the things I wanted to accomplish and whether I could find the right time to do them."

Now that Chou has tied the knot, the focus has shifted to his plans for children.

He says with a tinge of impatience: "There's no need to be fixated on this issue. It's as though the media is forcing me to want to have kids soon, but life is up to the two of us to decide.

"The best answer I can give you is to let things happen naturally."

• Go Lala Go 2 opens in Singapore today.

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