Unfazed by her sex symbol status

Oon Shu An and Louis Wu are husband and wife in the local anthology movie 4Love.
Oon Shu An and Louis Wu are husband and wife in the local anthology movie 4Love.ST PHOTO: KEVIN LIM

Plucky actress Oon Shu An is starring in another film with steamy scenes, shortly after her sexy turn as a Japanese porn star in the local movie Rubbers (2015).

One of the four love-themed shorts in the local anthology movie, 4Love, the segment titled Love, Temptation depicts an affair between a lonely air steward's wife and her adulterer gone wrong.

Leading lady Oon, 30, makes out with her photographer lover (Shane Pow) and also shares some intimate moments with her husband (Louis Wu).

But the self-assured actress is not worried about being pigeonholed as the go-to person for sexy roles, citing a diverse career spanning theatre, TV and film.

She is also unfazed by the buzz surrounding her character in sex comedy Rubbers.

She says: "My personas are quite drastically different. I did serious theatre roles, I did a one-woman play called #UnicornMoment that was introspective.

"I think my film work is pretty varied, but people see Rubbers and they are like 'wah'. If you watch the show, it is very PG."

The Lasalle College of the Arts alumna has certainly tried her hand at a range of roles.

She was a defence attorney in the Channel 5 legal drama Code Of Law, a platoon commander in local online military romance Yes Mdm and a concubine in Netflix Asian period production Marco Polo.

She was speaking at Monday's press conference for 4Love, which was attended by the cast and four directors of the love stories.

The actors include Cheryl Wee and Maxi Lim, and the four directors are Raihan Halim, Gilbert Chan, Daniel Yam and Sam Loh.

Loh, the director of Oon's short Love, Temptation, is also gaining a reputation for his penchant for risque content.

At 4Love's media session, executive producer Ng Say Yong introduced him as the "R21 director".

"It is challenging to get him to do non-R21 things and, even then, it still comes out a bit RA," says Ng half in jest. Loh had helmed steamy R21 films Lang Tong (2015) and Siew Lup (2016).

The 49-year-old director says he is not fixated on steamy subjects, but is just looking to make entertaining films.

"I think Singapore is quite boring. We need to spice up our entertainment. We should move away from the usual melodrama, people arguing all the time," says Loh, whose next project is likely to be in a different genre, perhaps horror or an action thriller.

When it came to casting his leading lady, he had not thought of Oon as a "sex symbol", but had chosen her for her acting chops instead.

He has known her since she was in acting school seven years ago and has worked with her on local TV productions such as Letters To Heaven.

Oon says she was drawn to the movie's premise.

She says: "Usually the woman serves the man's storyline, I loved how the director put the woman in the centre. She's the one cheating and you see it from her point of view."

•4Love opens in cinemas tomorrow

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