TV show host believes in aliens

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, host of TV show Ancient Aliens, looks for evidence to explore the idea that extraterrestrials once roamed the earth

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos admits that talking about aliens can sound crazy, but he will continue to ask questions.
Giorgio A. Tsoukalos admits that talking about aliens can sound crazy, but he will continue to ask questions. PHOTO: DON WONG FOR THE STRAITS TIMES


Even if you have not seen any of Giorgio A. Tsoukalos' documentary TV shows about aliens, you would instantly recognise his face if you saw it.

He is, after all, a living Internet meme whose face has appeared in countless viral pictures. These memes typically pair his headshot with a caption that exaggerates his tendency on TV to attribute the inexplicable to aliens having once visited Earth.

The 38-year-old American is not at all offended by any of the memes. In fact, he feels rather "honoured", he says.

"To me, the memes are an outpouring of love more than anything else, so I love them. They just show that people embrace the show. I have the greatest fans in the world," he says excitedly at a recent interview with The Straits Times at the Raffles City Convention Centre.

He was in town to promote his TV show, Ancient Aliens, the ninth season of which is currently airing on History (StarHub TV Channel 401). In the series, he and other alien enthusiasts look at historical texts and archaeological evidence to explore the idea that aliens once roamed earth and made contact with humans in ancient history.

Tsoukalos, who is married to glass jewellery designer Krix Beeble, has often been called out by netizens for his theories on aliens which they consider to be unqualified because he has only a bachelor's degree in sports information and communication.

Shrugging off the scepticism, he says: "I'm the first to admit that what I'm talking about can be regarded as crazy, but that does not prevent me from continuing to ask questions.

"Not a week goes by when some sceptic doesn't ask me why I'm still doing this. But I keep on doing it because the work is not done."

1. Do you think it is necessary for you to get a science degree to lend legitimacy to some of your claims?

I don't have a degree in science or archaeology, but it doesn't mean that I don't know what I'm talking about. In fact, I am venturing to say that I know more than archaeologists do about certain things.

2. After doing the show Ancient Aliens for seven years, how much more do you have to say on the topic?

While there may be topics that we are repeating, we are always looking at them from different perspectives or we are going deeper. This is a fairly large planet, so in my opinion, mysteries are endless.

3. Have there been instances when new research debunks your old conclusions?

There are several talking heads on the show, myself included, and we have different takes on topics all the time. If new research comes up and it is different from what we have said before, that's fine because what's important is that we never stop asking questions.

4. People always notice your wild hairstyle. How do you get it to look that way?

Aliens abducted it (laughs). No, it's definitely styled. I mean, it's a lot of hairspray.

5. If an alien showed up next to you right now, what would you say to it?

I would say, "Thanks for being here". But I don't need an alien here right now to convince myself of anything that I'm saying.

6. What interests do you have outside of aliens?

Sometimes, people look at my Twitter feed and they will be like, "Why are you writing about other things? Just stick to aliens." But no, I definitely have many other interests.

I'm big on politics, for one thing. And I love watching movies.

7. Are you excited about the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story movie coming out in December?

Are you kidding me? I'm a huge Star Wars fan. Part of the reason for what I do today is because of Star Wars. The core message of Star Wars is that this universe is a host of hundreds, if not thousands, of intelligent life forms who know how to travel from star to star. In my opinion, that's truth.

8. How would you like to be remembered?

As someone who never stopped asking questions and that, despite everyone telling him that he's wrong, he still went after them.

  • Ancient Aliens Season 9 airs on History (StarHub TV Channel 401) on Wednesday at 10pm. The limited series, A Close Encounter With Giorgio, where Giorgio A. Tsoukalos picks his favourite past episodes from Ancient Aliens, airs every weeknight at 7pm on the same channel, until Friday.

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