Tse siblings not on talking terms

Jennifer Tse.
Jennifer Tse.

HONG KONG •When Jennifer Tse announced in June that she had given birth, there was talk that her older brother Nicholas Tse refused to talk to her.

It seemed he was upset that she had chosen to be a single mother and he was concerned that she had dented her chances of finding another man.

She was said to have rejected his demand that she marry the father of the child.

Now, it can be confirmed that the siblings have not spoken to each other for a long time.

Asked by the media over reports that his sister, model-actress Jennifer, 37, who lives in the United States, is returning to Hong Kong, Nicholas, 39, said: "I actually haven't spoken to her in a year.

"I'm not sure exactly when she will be returning to Hong Kong and I may not be in town (to meet her)."

He revealed that, like many other people, he had learnt of her giving birth "only from the newspapers".

Netizens have speculated that the father is American actor Jeremy Renner or someone from the Chinese community in Vancouver, where she is reportedly bringing up her daughter.

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