T.O.P 'to recover in a week'

South Korean pop star T.O.P
South Korean pop star T.O.P

SEOUL • South Korean pop star T.O.P remains "unconscious", but is likely to recover in a week, his doctors said at a press conference on Wednesday.

The clarification from doctors at Ewha Womans University Medical Center came after a flurry of conflicting reports about the 29-year- old singer's condition in the South Korean media.

The rapper of boyband BigBang was found unconscious at a police station where he was doing his mandatory military service and was rushed to intensive care for an alleged drug overdose on Tuesday.

He is "suspected to have overdosed on benzodiazepine" - a class of tranquillisers which includes well-known brand-name drugs such as Valium - one of his doctors said, without specifying whether he had a prescription.

"He has not fully recovered from lethargy and is unable to make normal eye contact," another doctor on T.O.P's medical team said, adding that it could take the star up to a week to recover.

A dispute arose over the singer's exact condition, after the police announced that he was not in a critical condition, but was only asleep after taking a drug with sleep- inducing effects. They also said it was fake news that he was unconscious.

His mother contradicted their explanation, saying her son had been taken to the hospital unconscious and was still in bad shape.


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