Tony Leung is envious of Carina Lau's Singapore trips because she can eat chicken rice

Carina Lau said her husband Tony Leung also likes laksa and bak kut teh. PHOTOS: LIANHE ZAOBAO, THE NEW PAPER

SINGAPORE - Hong Kong film star Carina Lau was the envy of her husband - acclaimed actor Tony Leung - when she was in town recently as a judge for the talent competition Star Search.

Speaking to local media, the 53-year-old mimicked her husband in Cantonese: "Every time I come to Singapore, Mr Leung tells me, 'You're so lucky, you get to eat chicken rice'."

Lau, who looked radiant in a black floor-length dress adorned with flowers, frequently visits Singapore on her own time as she feels a connection with the city, which stemmed from her month-long trips here in the 1980s for performances.

She also enjoys how clean and green the city is and the island's famous dishes.

"(Tony) loves it too - he likes local dishes like laksa and bak kut teh," she says.

Lau recently caused a minor flurry on social media when, in a rare move, she shared a picture of Leung, 57, learning how to surf on her social media channels, and wrote in English: "You can do it".

She says of their relationship's longevity - they have been a couple for some 30 years and tied the knot in 2008: "The important thing is to give each other space, as well as respect and appreciation.

"Everyone makes mistakes but we must value each other and the relationship we have built together."

While Lau is unlikely to join Leung in picking up surfing - she finds it "a bit scary" - she is into sports such as snowboarding and table tennis, and often goes on hikes.

She says: "Ageing will happen but exercising is not only good for your skin and metabolism, it also keeps your mental state healthy. That's very important for actors."

Lau is still actively acting. She recently starred in and sang the theme song for the television series Half A Lifelong Romance, based on writer Eileen Chang's eponymous novel, which is set to air next year.

The Hong Kong Film Award-winning actress currently has no new projects, though she is reading scripts.

She says: "I want to play a next-door auntie - someone who is dealing with the effects of ageing, maybe even dementia, and feeling detached from her surroundings and unsure of herself. Like (American actress) Julianne Moore in Still Alice (2014)."

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