The Walking Dead's Steven Yeun answers fans' burning questions on Twitter

Hit zombie series The Walking Dead has very little respect for its stars. After all, anyone could be killed off at any point.

One of those who have made it till now is Korean-American actor Steven Yeun, who plays Glenn Rhee. His survival is all the more remarkable given that in the comic books the show is based on, Glenn was killed off in issue No. 100 by creator Robert Kirkman.

Ahead of season 5's finale on March 29 in the United States, Yeun (@steveyeun) held a live chat with fans on Twitter on March 27 morning Singapore time. The session was hosted by iTunes TV and #AskWalkingDead was the tag used.

Here are some choice questions and answers from the chat.

Glenn is one of the few survivors that has been there from the beginning. How do you feel the character has evolved?

glenn is tough, he has always been tough. before he might have been under-appreciated by others and by himself...

If you could bring one dead character back, who would it be and why?

Dale. So much more to tell

will Glenn ever do a Rick and shave the tash?

thank you for even thinking it's a tash. no.

Would Glenn be the person he is now if he never met Maggie?

he'd probably be dead.

who do you think would win in a fight, Glenn or Daryl?

they would never fight. only hugs.

most bizarre thing that happened to you on set?

honestly? I once saw a d***cloud on set #d***cloud

what is the best thing about working in the walking dead?

the people. hands down.

What's one thing about yourself that fans would be surprised to know?

hmm... I am a huge film fan. andy lincoln and I regularly go out to watch movies on the weekends in seasons.

Worst injury suffered on set?

my pride. slid right off the car covered in walkers

how do you cheer up the set after shooting a dramatic scene?

snacks on snacks.

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