The sexiest twins alive in real estate and on reality TV

Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott draw hordes of fans through their TV shows

Among People magazine's annual Sexiest Man Alive list populated by the usual suspects of movie stars and musicians are a pair of twin brothers... who work in real estate.

In 2013, property agent Drew Scott and his contractor twin Jonathan - known collectively as the Property Brothers after their hit home-renovation show of the same name - made it to the popular list that dictates the hottest male personalities of the year.

Ask the 36-year-old brothers about their heart-throb status, however, and they immediately play things down.

Drew says, sounding amused: "Well, we were also featured in Hello! Canada magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People list last year. But if you count properly, there are actually 51 guys in total. They counted us as one unit."

Jonathan pipes up in jest: "They're jerks. They're saying that it takes two of us to make one man. So I don't think we can really be called very sexy."

The Las Vegas-based brothers were speaking to Life! at the tail end of a week of promotional events that also took them to Manila and Kuala Lumpur.

They were in town to talk about their claim-to-fame renovation show Property Brothers, which just ended its run here, as well as their newer series Buying And Selling, now airing on HGTV (StarHub TV Channel 437) on Sunday nights.

In their latest show, they help home owners do up their properties so that they are listings-ready, while looking out for new homes for them to consider moving into.

In person, the bachelors are just as charming and chatty as their TV personas, often poking fun at each other and finishing the other's sentences. They have an elder film producer brother named J.D.

Standing at 1.95m tall, the identical twins share the same dark hair and chiselled good looks, but it is still easy enough to tell them apart. Just look at how they dress.

Jonathan, being the contractor, is typically dressed more casually, in jeans and a plaid shirt, for instance. Drew, as the real estate agent, is almost always seen in a suit.

Drew says: "On the show, it's appropriate for us to dress for our roles."

Jonathan jokes: "Drew wears suits all the time. I think Drew probably goes to bed in his suits."

Nodding in agreement, Drew says: "There was once when I went on the mechanical bull challenge in my suit and it ripped my pants wide open."

Jonathan, wanting the last word, adds: "Yup, and he had bright purple underwear for the world to see."

1 You have been in Singapore for only two days, did you manage to explore the city at all?

Jonathan: We went to Marina Bay Sands yesterday and it was incredible. The view - I mean, wow. And we went to Ku De Ta for dinner and the food was so good. I want to host my birthday dinner there some day.

Drew: The architecture in Singapore is just amazing and I'd love to be back.

2 Obviously, as twins, you have natural chemistry. Do you ever get into major arguments?

Jonathan: I usually carry power tools so he doesn't mess with me.

Drew: You know, there's only one thing that will spark a real fight between us - it's if I touch his hair (laughs). No, actually we have what we call the No B.S. policy. If something is bothering us or not agreeing with us, we tell each other, we deal with it and we move on.

3 Many homes in Singapore are nowhere near as large as the American homes featured in your shows. What are your tips for styling smaller spaces?

Jonathan: A lot of the principles we use in a larger home still apply for decorating smaller homes, in terms of colour choices and materials. The biggest thing is to have light colours and reflective surfaces, because that will make a small space look bigger.

Drew: Also, even in a small space, you can have a feature in each room, for example, a light fixture or a fireplace wall. People always think you need a lot of space to showcase a feature but actually, you don't.

4 Do you often get stopped on the streets?

Drew: Yeah, sometimes even in tiny towns, people recognise us and want to take pictures with us or just come and talk to us about the show. It used to be once every few weeks. Now it can be once every few minutes. It's pretty crazy.

Jonathan: When we first started out, there was none of that. At breakfast at some restaurant, my dad would be asking the waiter, 'Hey, do you know who these guys are?' And the poor server would be like, 'I have no idea'.

5 As heart-throbs, do you get any strange gifts from fans?

Drew: We usually say no gifts, please, and if people send us gifts, they usually go to charity. But sometimes, we can't pass them to charity.

Jonathan: I once got a homemade soap bar with lingerie and hair inside it. It's kind of crazy. I mean, I wear the lingerie, but you know, it's still crazy.

Drew: He uses it every day to wash down (laughs).

6 You dress differently but your voices are very similar. Can your mother tell you apart on the telephone?

Drew: Not really. The only way she says she can tell us apart is that I use bigger words.

Jonathan: On the Spanish-dubbed version of our show, the guy doing our voices is actually the same guy. He does both of our voices in one breath.

Drew: Yes, so sometimes when we do interviews like this and they're being recorded, we try to do something or say something to make ourselves stand out a bit more.

Jonathan: Maybe I should start putting on an Australian accent.

7 You are both very active on social media. Jonathan's Twitter account (@MrSilverScott) has more than 283,000 followers, and Drew's Twitter (@MrDrewScott) has more than 268,000 followers. Is Twitter the first thing you look at when you wake up?

Jonathan: We have software that helps us filter through all of our comments and messages. I get about 275,000 comments a week and Drew probably gets half of that because he's not as popular. But I like to answer at least 10 or 20 fan questions every day, and it's a good way for us to stay in touch and interact with fans.

Drew: Fans will ask us questions and send us pictures of their homes. Jonathan has given many home owners tips about their kitchens.

8 How would you like to be remembered?

Drew: The big thing for me is the legacy of giving back. A lot of the things we do, we hope to turn the attention back onto the causes that we're passionate about, for example, World Vision.

Jonathan: Me too, I want to use this platform that we've been given to get the word out about everything that we care about, to spread the word about peace and equality.


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