The Rock blasted for posting photo of 3-year-old daughter without swimsuit

Dwayne Johnson, more popularly known as The Rock, with his daughters Jasmine, three, and Tiana, one. The Rock recently posted a photo of himself at a swimming pool with Jasmine, who was not wearing a swimsuit. PHOTO: THEROCK/INSTAGRAM

Netizens are throwing "rocks" at Dwayne Johnson after he recently posted a photo of himself and his daughter at a swimming pool.

Three-year-old Jasmine was not in a swimsuit, prompting some to question the actor's decision-making as a parent.

The backlash over the naked photo forced Johnson, more popularly known as The Rock, to delete the photo, though he did not post any explanation online.

But there were also netizens who defended the 47-year-old actor, lambasting those for choosing to sexualise an innocuous family-time moment shared by father and daughter.

The Rock also has another daughter - Tiana, who just turned one - with long-time partner Lauren Hashian.

The no-swimsuit uproar followed a recent one that saw Pink getting flak online over her posting a photo of her son without diapers.

In that incident, the 39-year-old singer saw red over the remarks, blasting the naysayers and noting that "there is something seriously wrong with a lot of you out there".

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