The highs and lows of being an Avenger

The cast of the upcoming Captain America: Civil War talk about the unexpected trials and tribulations of playing superheroes.

If you ever thought about how great it would be to be a superpowered Avenger, it's time to perhaps think again.

Actor Chris Evans said: "Brutal, brutal. I will say it's something that is incredibly demanding, especially in Atlanta in the summer. It's a lot of sweat, it's a lot of exhaustion, you really have to prepare yourself physically for the film, whether it's working out and getting physically fit but preparing yourself for the choreography and the dance of these fights that we have, which are extensive and seemingly endless."

That said, being a superhero has its perks - like their powerful posing.

"Stand up straight, a little wider, a little broader, chest higher, maybe. Maybe a head tilt down-ish," said actress Elizabeth Olsen.

And then there's their superhero outfits.

Actor Paul Bettany said: "It's uncomfortable. There's one place on my body that I can scratch and that's my nose so anything else is impossible. Plus, my hands are purple so I get everything purple."

"Even if you're not outside in 90 temperature degree (32.2 deg C) weather in Atlanta in the humidity, you're still losing weight if you have it on in the air conditioning. It's that hot," said actor Chadwick Boseman.

Well, at least it must be great to see a group of superheroes around you.

Actor Anthony Mackie said: "No, I just laugh at them. Like when Sebastian's standing there, it's like 'Look how stupid he looks'."

Actor Sebastian Stan said: "And I see him and think 'Man, he can't see me through those goggles'."

And it must be great to carry out some of the epic stunts.

"They put me up on a platform on like a pad on the ground and they go 'Come on, Anthony, jump face first into the pad'. I was like 'huh?' and they said 'Just jump on your face' and they kept laughing at me all day until I was concussed," said Mackie.

Mackie wasn't the only Avenger to get hurt making the movie.

"I nearly pulled my shoulder doing one of the moves," added Olsen.

Actor Jeremy Renner said: "She hurt herself. She got an injury. She got an injury in her shoulder. Everyone else is doing dives and rolls and all this stuff and she's doing this (moves hand) and goes 'Oh my God, my shoulder'.

"It was just a tweak during one take and it hurt," Olsen responded. 

So if you've now ruled out playing a superhero, then maybe just watch them when Captain America: Civil War hits cinemas soon.