The Golden Horse red carpet wrap: Who wore it best?

The Chinese-language equivalent to the Oscars, the Golden Horse awards, which took place in Taiwan on Saturday, draws much attention to the A-list stars who strut down the red carpet. Here are some of the ones who attracted the most eyeballs.

Goldenhorese1Gwei Lun-mei is in one of the night’s best dresses, a dreamy white gown by Elie Saab.

Goldenhorese2Draped and dripping in gold – is Gong Li paying homage to her other movie with Zhang Yimou, 2006’s Curse Of The Golden Flower? This Ports 1961 gown is flashy, but the film goddess brings it off.

Goldenhorese3Tang Wei’s dress seems big on her. Did her stylist borrow it by mistake in, er, Ann Hui’s size?

Goldenhorese4Jiang Qinqin needs help to stay in her dress. Her husband, actor Chen Jianbin, turns a blind eye to the fashion emergency beside him, however.

Goldenhorese5Zhang Ziyi’s dress is in a dilemma. The top half wants to be at a retro disco party, and the bottom half wants to stay at the ceremony.

33212246wqw3344e0003Angelina Jolie, see what you have started? Now impressionable young actresses – like Michelle Chen – are sticking their legs out of their gowns as gauchely as you.

33212246wqw3344e0002Ella Chen, Golden Horse host and S.H.E singer, deserves a prize for not doing a Jolie pose.

Goldenhorese6Sylvia Chang’s uniform at awards shows is a quiet, sexy black dress. This one, with lace webs at the top and on the sides, has a sci-fi feel. Eccentric, but it does the job.

33212246wqw3344e0004Rainie Yang really wants to be taken seriously. To earn your respect, she is wearing a dress that puts 30 years on her.

Goldenhorese7Somehow Tony Yang looks like a villain from a 1980s movie – a villain in a luxurious jacket though.