#ThankYouHaikyuu trends on Twitter as fans celebrate end of manga series

The final chapter of the sports manga was served on July 20 at midnight. PHOTO: HAIKYU/TWITTER

Japanese volleyball manga series Haikyu!! has come to an end after an eight-year run.

The final chapter of the sports manga, its 402nd, was served on July 20 at midnight, concluding the journeys of school players pint-sized Hinata Shoyou and aloof Kageyama Tobio. Haikyu is Japanese for volleyball.

The final chapter is a love letter to fans, with the entire ensemble of characters returning for the series' swan song.

Fans celebrated the manga's milestones and achievements with fan art, videos, analyses and fanfiction on Twitter.

They have also gotten Haikyu to trend on the platform as a way to thank series creator Furudate Haruichi. The hashtags, #ThankYouHaikyuu and #ThankYouFurudate, have spiked their way to the top, with #ThankYouHaikyuu the No. 1 trending topic worldwide, according to the manga's official English account, @Haikyu_EN.

While the manga might have ended, the anime television series is still going strong, with the second half of the fourth season, Haikyu!! To The Top, set to premiere in October.

Haikyu!! was first serialised in anthology Weekly Shonen Jump in 2012. And as of May 2020, there were more than 38 million copies in print. The series spans 43 volumes and has spawned a radio drama, stage plays and video games.

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