Ten years on, all is good with Fann, Christopher

Happy family Fann Wong, Christopher Lee and their son, Zed, who is now five.
Happy family Fann Wong, Christopher Lee and their son, Zed, who is now five. PHOTO: FANNAIAIWONG/INSTAGRAM

Ten years after Christopher Lee and Fann Wong got married, he says it is not enough to just mouth sweet nothings.

Knowing it is important to get his act together to maintain family harmony, the actor, 48, told Lianhe Zaobao: "No matter where I am, I'll never dine or be out alone with another woman unless it's for work."

Though he likes to socialise, Lee, who has a son with Fann, added that he had to change his habits to make sure there would not be any misunderstandings.

Fann, 48, can testify to his considerate ways, revealing: "When he was working in Taiwan, he would video-call me immediately after waking up and brushing his teeth to let me know his itinerary for the day."

The actress said she, however, does not return this favour, adding that it made him a little upset.

But Fann does not get edgy if Lee has to shoot intimate scenes for his shows.

The veteran, who has been in the industry long enough to adapt to its demands, said she respects his devotion to his craft, even if it means he has to give his all in sizzling love scenes.

Incidentally, the couple have played on-screen lovers several times - most notably in Return Of The Condor Heroes (1998) - and reportedly fell in love while working on Looking For Stars in 2000.

As they cross the 10-year mark in their marriage, Fann said heart-to-heart talks are crucial.

Just as people upgrade their phones to keep up with technology, communication is "how you 'upgrade' your marriage".

But she has had to "downgrade" her career, choosing to be more selective about the jobs she takes so that she can spend more time with her son Zed, who is now five years old.

Paying tribute to her, Lee said: "She still wants to work, but she's also conscious of the sacrifices she has to make for our child."

He said it had not been easy for Fann to conceive, adding that he had told her, in the early days of their marriage, that he did not want to have kids anymore in an attempt to reduce the pressure on her.

He noted that Zed has also taken away the pressure from Fann to look good in public.

She agreed, saying: "I don't care whether my clothes look pretty or if they match. I'm also lazy to change my bag."

She has also let go of the urge to have a second child.

Speaking to the media last month, she said: "I don't think I want one now. I've already reached a certain age. Things are good the way they are."

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