Taylor Swift fan wins gig tickets

Straits Times reader Pearlyn Loh with the tickets to Taylor Swift's concert in London she won in a contest to celebrate the newspaper's 170th birthday.
Straits Times reader Pearlyn Loh with the tickets to Taylor Swift's concert in London she won in a contest to celebrate the newspaper's 170th birthday.ST PHOTO: LAU FOOK KONG

Love her or hate her, Taylor Swift's got clout and style.

So says a Straits Times reader who has won a pair of tickets to watch the pop mega-star's concert in London.

"Taylor Swift's songs are usually very powerful and expressive. Her being able to stand up to a huge industry like Apple means she's not afraid to stand up for her own beliefs," says Ms Pearlyn Loh, 23, a public service officer.

Earlier this week, Swift announced in an open letter to Apple that she was withholding her most recent album 1989 from the company's new music streaming service, Apple Music, citing that writers, artists and producers would not be paid during Apple Music's three-month free customer trial.

Apple swiftly made an about-turn and said that it would pay artists for streaming during the trial period.

Ms Loh is the winner of a set of tickets to Swift's concert on Saturday in London's Hyde Park at the British Summer Time music festival. The tickets come with return flights for two to London - a package worth more than $5,000 in total. She was selected from a pool of 4,201 entrants.

The contest was part of a series of year-long giveaways in celebration of The Straits Times' 170th birthday. There are five categories of prizes: Concerts, Travel, Tech (gadgets), Restaurants and Movies.

"When I first heard the news at work, I was really surprised," says Ms Loh, who found out about the giveaway through an online link that a friend sent her. "It took a while for me to register the information."

To enter the giveaway contest, participants had to name Swift's most recent album.

Ms Loh will be flying to London tomorrow with her family and will stay there until July 6. Aside from catching the concert, they will travel to areas such as Scotland and Bath for sightseeing.

Ms Loh, a self-proclaimed "more than moderate" fan of Swift, says that she has admired the singer since she was 17. She enjoys singing her songs when she visits karaoke lounges.

Blank Space and Out Of The Woods are her two favourite Swift songs because of their playful rhythms and catchy tunes.

Ms Loh admits that she does not agree entirely with their lyrics, which she describes as "not morally right", citing as example a line from Blank Space: "I could make the bad guys good for a weekend."

Nevertheless, she values the melody of the songs.

She says: "Taylor Swift's songs all sound pleasant. So, regardless of the lyrics or genre, I still like listening to them."

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