Tania became a show act by chance

Members of Tania (from left) Abdul Mutalib, Alban De Souza and Zul Sutan.
Members of Tania (from left) Abdul Mutalib, Alban De Souza and Zul Sutan.PHOTO: SPH LIBRARY

Thank you for the article Orchard Road Revisited (Life, Dec 30) and for printing the photo of Tania. It was taken in 1977.

My name is Talib and I am on the extreme left in the photo. I'm sure my band mates Alban De Souza (vocals) and Zul Sutan (guitar) will be pleased to see their photo in the papers too.

Alban is currently assisting his brother in a food and beverage outlet.

I'm now doing regional advisory and consultancy work.

Tania started in 1976 in Asia Hotel in Scotts Road. In 1977, we left Asia Hotel for Pebbles Bar, which was where the band shot to fame.

The disco era started around that year and most of the clubs turned to disco. The live music scene started to pick up then and gradually, most bands became like a show act.

Tania started wearing make-up by accident.

One of the Tropicana showgirls who came to Pebbles accidentally rubbed her glitter make-up off onto our lead singer Alban when they hugged and he went onstage with it.

The next thing we knew, the Tropicana showgirls were teaching us to put on make-up and we were suddenly the talk of the town.

The rest is history. These are my memories of Tania and Orchard Road.

Abdul Mutalib (Talib)

Former bass guitarist of Tania


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