Taiwanese singer Angela Chang ordered to pay $194,000 to former agency and label

Angela Chang has released 10 studio albums, of which the first six were under Linfair Records. PHOTO: ANGELACHANG/FACEBOOK

Taiwanese singer-actress Angela Chang has been asked by Taiwanese courts to pay NT$4.09 million (S$194,000) to her former management agency and music label.

This is on top of the NT$670,000 that she had been earlier ordered to pay to the two companies in previous court proceedings.

According to Taiwanese news outlet ETToday, the 38-year-old star was told by the Taiwanese High Court on Tuesday (June 30) that she had to compensate Qing Tian Music, her former management agency, and Linfair Records, her former music label, as she had backed out of her contract in July 2011 when the two companies were preparing what was to be her seventh studio album.

She was sued by the two companies who asked for a combined NT$34.65 million from her later that year.

Chang has released 10 studio albums, of which the first six were under Linfair Records.

She alleges that it was Qing Tian Music who failed to honour their contract, as they had promised to release 10 albums for her in the span of five years when she signed on in 2002 - but by 2009, she had only released six.

She also alleges that Qing Tian Music transferred some of the workload of managing her activities to Linfair Records without her permission.

Chang, who is known for songs like My Lost Happiness (2004) and starring in idol dramas such as My MVP Valentine (2002), told Taiwanese news outlet Apple Daily via her young sister Connie Chang on Tuesday afternoon: "We are surprised at the verdict. We have yet to receive documents relating to the verdict and so do not know why this decision was made. We will be talking to our lawyers, it is possible we will appeal."

Later that night, the singer posted on Facebook: "I will fight for my rights," seemingly hinting that she will be appealing the verdict.

Linfair Records said in a statement: "We respect the verdict made today and thank the courts for recognising industry ethics."

It added: "Since the courts have ordered Ms Angela Chang to compensate us, we feel we have reached our original goal. This case has been going on for very long so we hope this is the final verdict. If Ms Angela Chang decides not to mount an appeal, we will make no more demands. Lastly, we hope Ms Angela Chang will shine once more in the industry."

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