Taiwanese band Mayday perform in an empty stadium for online concert

Mayday held their Live In The Sky concert in an empty Taipei Municipal Stadium on May 31, 2020. PHOTO: MAYDAY/FACEBOOK

Taiwanese band Mayday went all out for their online concert by performing at an empty Taipei Municipal Stadium on Sunday night (May 31).

The one-hour performance was viewed 42.44 million times online, according to a press release.

Mayday held their Live In The Sky concert on the last day of May, fulfilling a promise made to their Hong Kong fans in 2006 when they said they would hold a concert every May.

Mayday comprise lead vocalist Ashin, leader and lead guitarist Monster, guitarist Stone, bassist Masa and drummer Guan You.

They kicked off the online concert by performing The Apple in a room before stepping out into an empty Taipei Municipal Stadium. There were no fans in sight, but the seats were lit up with light sticks.

The stadium was where they held their first major concert in 1999, filmed their music video for the song This Is Love from their first album and also held their first concert after returning from a two-year hiatus in 2003.

The band went on to perform 13 songs in about one hour on Sunday, including I Don't Want To Leave You Alone, Party Animal, This Is Love and Love-ing.

Ashin also sang the song Suddenly Missing You with Taiwanese singer Jam Hsiao and Chinese singers Li Ronghao and Mao Buyi, and he thanked them for performing with him from different cities.

Mayday admitted they were not used to not having anyone cheering them on from the stands during a concert, but Ashin said: "I can feel the shouts of tens of thousands of people, as the light sticks represents everyone who is watching the concert from his or her computer or mobile phone."

The five singers also updated fans on what they did during the self-isolation, with Monster picking up latte art from his wife and Guan You learning how to make noodles.

Stone had returned to Taiwan from London earlier so that he could complete the 14-day quarantine and perform as scheduled.

The band ended the concert with the song Stubborn.

Mayday are currently slated to perform at Singapore's National Stadium on Aug 30 as part of their Mayday Just Rock It!!! Blue tour. The organisers said in the statement they are working with the Government and relevant agencies on the most suitable arrangements in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

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