Taiwanese band Mayday back to perform at National Stadium on June 2 for 40,000 people

Taiwanese band Mayday announced at the end of their concert on Dec 17 that they would perform at the National Stadium on June 2, 2018. PHOTO: ONE PRODUCTION, ROCK RECORDS SINGAPORE

SINGAPORE - Taiwanese band Mayday had a surprise for their fans at the end of their concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Sunday (Dec 17) night.

After they sang the Minnan track Fool, a video clip came on and announced, to loud cheers, that they would perform at the National Stadium on June 2.

Speaking to local media after the gig, lead vocalist Ashin, 42, said: "The current tour is actually designed for large venues so it will look very spectacular there. We want to share (this stage) with our Singapore friends as it's really quite different from what we've done previously."

They played to 30,000 fans over three sold-out nights on their Mayday 2017 Life Tour here and plan to perform for 40,000 in June.

The band also includes guitarists Monster and Stone, bassist Masa and drummer Guan You.

The upsized version of the Life Tour will also feature a different rundown of songs. Ashin said: "Even for those who have just seen us, watching the show next year will feel totally different. We will even include some new songs."

There have been concerns over the sound quality at the National Stadium though. When Mandopop king Jay Chou performed there last September (2016), some fans were so upset by the murky audio that they asked for a refund.

Ashin was unfazed. He said: "In Shanghai's (Hongkou Football) stadium, we played for 80,000 and also performed at Beijing's Bird's Nest (National Stadium). These are venues with a lot of reverb but we managed to overcome that."

He also pointed out that Coldplay's concert at the National Stadium was well-received. The British rock band performed for 100,000 people at the venue over two nights earlier this year.

A spokesman for concert promoter One Production added: "We will try our best to work with the concert production team from (Taiwan's) B'IN Live to ensure the sound quality of the show is acceptable."

Ticketing details are slated to be released at the end of the month via the Facebook pages of either Mayday (www.facebook.com/imayday555/) or Rock Records Singapore (www.facebook.com/RockRecordsSingapore/).

The question is whether prices will increase if additional equipment and prep work are required.

Ashin said: "I hope not. Just take a cut from our fee."

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