Taiwan singer wants to divorce pregnant wife

TAIPEI • Taiwan pop singer Hsieh Ho-hsien's pregnant wife reported him to the police on Dec 5 after they bickered over his inability to stop taking drugs.

He was taken to a police station for questioning before he was released on bail, with photos showing Ms Keanna Taiyh, whom he married in 2016, crying at the scene.

Now, she has more reason to weep. Hsieh, 32, has released a video online showing him with another woman, called Liya, in a hotel room in Beitou, Taipei.

The video shows him playing the guitar and the two singing together.

Hsieh told media outlet Taiwan Apple Daily he plans to divorce his wife next year, pouring scorn on her use of the pregnancy to tie him down.

Liya, he noted, is different. He said she is sensitive to his mood shifts, listens to him and sings with him.

He added that Liya will not try to strike up a conversation with him if he has other matters on his mind. He also lauded her for helping him to manage his household chores.

Asked if his affair will generate hate from the public, Hsieh said he does not care, given that people already know that he takes drugs and that he was jailed for a night.

"I'm a man without a future," he said in a flippant tone.

On his responsibilities towards the baby, he said he would do the right thing.

But he added a caveat: "If the child is mine, I will accept it."

He also said he would not object if his wife denies him access to the baby because of his lifestyle habits.

More than 10g of marijuana was found in his home on Dec 5, reported Taiwan News.

Hsieh, who goes by the professional name R-chord, had in the past admitted to drug use, even saying publicly that it should be legalised.

He has gone for rehabilitation, but has apparently not cleaned up despite being dropped by a music label.

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