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Super boy band may be in the making

SEOUL • BTS are the gorilla in the room when it comes to South Korean boy bands.

A top agency, SM Entertainment, now reportedly has hatched a plan to dethrone them.

Perhaps aping the formula of the cinematic Avengers which brings superheroes together, SM is said to be recruiting members from top boy bands EXO, Shinee and NCT to form a super boy band to ramp up the fight for chart supremacy.

SBS News reported that EXO's Kai and Baekhyun; NCT's Taeyong, Mark and Lucas; and Shinee's Tae-min will spearhead the group that could bow in in the latter part of the year.

Other media outlets indicated that NCT's Ten could also be involved.

But fans of the existing boy bands need not fret.

The singers recruited will still be part of their original groups whose activities will take precedence over those of the new power group.

Pundits think the latter will not be a one-off project, but much will depend on whether they can get a marvellous reception from fans, not just in South Korea but also worldwide.

The stakes are high, but any new conquest can now ride on the success of the K-pop invasion of key overseas markets such as the United States and Japan.

SM has not addressed the rumours, but said an announcement will be made tomorrow.

BTS members, and their agency, will surely tune in to see if they have fresh competition.

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