Stella Parton pays tribute to sister Dolly

Country music star Stella Parton pays tribute to her sister Dolly ahead of her own London show called Parton Sings Parton.

LONDON (REUTERS) - She's the sister of one of the biggest names in country music and a star in her own right.

And this weekend Stella Parton will be paying tribute to her older sibling Dolly with a show at London's Bush Hall.

Singer Stella Parton said: “My sister has written great story songs and that's kind of what I'm going to be doing at Bush Hall is telling my story about these songs from my perspective as a sister. And how much I love and respect the contribution she's made to not only country music but to the world hopefully.”

Stella grew up as one of 12 siblings in the Tennessee mountains and says she's unfazed by Dolly's fame.

She added: “She's my sister and she'll always have my back and I'll always have hers. She's not a star to me she's just my sister.”

With more than 30 albums under her belt, the musician says she's a survivor of a "dirty industry" and credits her faith for keeping her on the right track.

She said: “I promised myself early on in my career, when I toured with a lot of people that had substance abuse problems, I promised myself and God that I would never allow myself to be a casualty of this dirty industry because it is a dirty industry and I refuse to be a casualty of any business or any relationship or any situation, because I feel like life is a gift and my life is my gift.”

Commenting on the seismic political change in America and the impending inauguration of Donald Trump, Stella had a rather unusual analogy.

“Well you know life is full of changes... We love change - menopause whatever. It's like the weather, it's like change your makeup, change your outfit,” she described.

'Parton Sings Parton' will be held at Bush Hall in London on Jan 21.