Stars who want to host the Oscars

Actors Ken Jeong and Whoopi Goldberg (both above) have indicated their interest in hosting next year's Academy Awards.
Actors Ken Jeong and Whoopi Goldberg (both above) have indicated their interest in hosting next year's Academy Awards.

NEW YORK • It has been more than a week since comedian Kevin Hart was announced as host of the 91st Oscars ceremony and then stepped down in response to criticism over homophobic Twitter posts.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences still has not found a replacement.

If the academy had to choose a host, here are the brave people who would be happy to take up the challenge.

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney

After Hart said he was out, Nick Kroll and John Mulaney, the stars of The Oh, Hello Show, jokingly announced on Twitter that they, or rather, their ageing Upper West Side alter egos George and Gil, had been chosen to replace him. And they are taking the job seriously.

The academy has not offered the role to Kroll and Mulaney. At least, not yet.

Whoopi Goldberg

In an episode of The View, the four-time Oscar host Whoopi Goldberg suggested that the academy consider her for the fifth time, despite the fact that she thinks she is also "problematic".

She said: "Half of the country sometimes is mad at me. The other half is okay until tomorrow, then they're p***ed at me."

Ken Jeong

Goldberg revisited the host question later that week during a segment on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, when she nominated actor Ken Jeong.

She said: "He would be brilliant and it would also constitute the first Asian-American to host the Oscars."

That same night, Jeong was a guest on Late Night With Seth Meyers. He unabashedly said: "If I do not become the host of the Oscars, I will consider not only my career, but also my life, a failure."

Busy Philipps

On Dec 6, actress and late-night host Busy Philipps succinctly offered to take Hart's place, writing on Twitter, "I am available."

The next day, she reiterated: "I will say this again. I am tech avail."

Later that day, she nominated herself for the third time and suggested six other women for the job.

Rob Lowe

One of the most embarrassing moments in Oscar history was when the academy went without a host in 1989.

Viewers still remember the "nightmare" opening number by actors Rob Lowe and Eileen Bowman, who played a giggly Snow White.

Despite that debacle, Lowe has offered his services again - this time to host as his laughable plastic-surgeon character from the Liberace biography, Behind The Candelabra.

Tom Green

Remember Tom Green of The Tom Green Show? The Canadian comedian has been fairly quiet in recent years. But last week, he saw an opportunity to resurface his name in the cultural conversation.

Given Green's track record as an outrageous prankster, it is safe to say the academy will probably pass on his offer.

After all, who needs a wild card on stage after the envelope mix-up last year?


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