Stars, first responders share red carpet at the premiere of Only The Brave

The film tells the true story of firefighters who gave their lives to fight one of the deadliest wildfires in recent US history.

CALIFORNIA (REUTERS) - The world premiere of Only The Brave was lit up with stars including actors Jeff Bridges, Josh Brolin and Miles Teller walking the red carpet.

Turning up the heat were first responders who helped those affected by hurricanes Harvey, Irma and victims of the Las Vegas shooting.

The movie tells the true story of the Granite Mountain Hotshots, an Arizona firefighting crew who battled the Yarnell Hill Fire - one of the deadliest wild fires in recent US history.

Bridges says that it is time to shed a light on their heroic deed.

“It is a tragic story but the movie really focuses on these guys and what they were like. And it turns out that they’re like the rest of us, imperfect and they’re just doing their best. But the bravery of these guys going right to where most of us want to get the hell out of there, you know. These are guys who will go anywhere. And that’s inspiring,” said Bridges.

Director Joseph Kosinski hopes that the film will educate viewers.

“I think most people are like me and they don’t know what wild firefighting is about, who these guys are. They work behind the scenes. It’s incredibly difficult back-breaking heroic work they do every day,” said Kosinski.

The movie depicts the lives of the 20-member crew who literally throws themselves in the line of fire.

Only The Brave will be released in theaters nationally on Oct 20.